Chinese Speech Course - Grade 1 (HANYU KOUYU JIAOCHENG) (1 Book + 3 Cassettes)

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Hanyu Kouyu Jiaocheng focuses on the improvement of student's conversational skills. In the 1st year volume, lessons are stuctured in an interview, questions and answer format. Each lesson contains a vocabulary list with English equivilents and Pinyin pronunciation in its first volume, and without it in the more advanced volume for 3rd year students. In the third volume, discussions are based on previously published articles from various newspapers and books.

The Undergraduate Series of Chinese as a Foreign Language, consisting of the textbooks for undergraduate studies in college Chinese, is systematically and scientifically designed and has specific quantitative standards for learners' achievements. In addition, the content of the series is very interesting. There are textbooks for four different Grades and for different subjects, which are categorized into language skills, culture, economy and trade, and language theories. Because of the wide coverage in terms of contents and the availability of materials for different grades, the series suits the needs for undergraduate programs, and short-term intensive training programs and pre-college Chinese programs as well. Those who study on their own can also find the materials useful for their specific needs

Chinese Speech Course - Grade 1 (HANYU KOUYU JIAOCHENG) (1 Book + 3 Cassettes)