Chinese Paradise (Greek Edition) - Multimedia CD

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Level: Beginner

Chinese Paradise is a series of elementary Chinese learning materials for children. Based on the cognitive and psychological characteristics of children, it integrates language and culture learning, skill training with intellectual development. It combines different forms of learning such as watching, listening and speaking with singing and game playing, motivating children to use their eyes, ears, mouths, brains and bodies, so that they learn and use Chinese in a fun and relaxed way.

It includes: 1 Student’s Book, 1 Workbook, 1 set of Cards of Words and Expressions and 4 Multimedia CDs.


This is a series of multimedia learning materials integrating language learning and games with cultural information presented in the forms of Flash cartoons, high definition DVD videos and learning software. It provides not only cartoons related to the texts, instructional activities and cultural background information, but also interactive review exercises and games for expanded learning. The Multimedia CDs combine visual characteristics of video materials and various functions of the software with learning of knowledge and training of language skills, thus creating a multimedia classroom where children can have fun while learning Chinese.
Chinese Paradise (Greek Edition) - Multimedia CD