Chinese Paradise (2nd Edition) (Hungarian Edition) Textbook 3

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Author: Liu Fuhua;
Language: Hungarian, Chinese
Format: Book + MP3
Page: 90
Publication Date: 11/2015
ISBN: 9787561942598
Publisher: Beijng Language and Culture University Press
Series: Chinese Paradise (2nd Edition) (Hungarian Edition)
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<b>Usage Advice: </b>To be used in children’s Chinese language classroomsin Hungary<br/>
<b>Level: </b>Elementary<br/>
Primary School ,Middle School<br/>
ChineseParadise is a series of children’s elementaryChinese textbooks targeted at primary school students in other countries; it isa key textbook project of Hanban. Its first Englishedition was published in 2005, followed by a succession of 45 language editionsof the Level 1 books. At present, the series has been sold to more than 50countries and areas in the world, been widely used in primary and middleschools overseas and become the most popular overseas children’s Chinesetextbooks. Since 2013 Beijing Language andCulture University Press has begun to revise the published books and compilethe follow-ups. The second edition of the whole series has altogether six levels,suitable for students of Grades 1-6 in primary schools outside of China and ininternational schools in China. Each level comprises one textbook (with a CD),one workbook (with a CD), one set of word cards (for all language editions),one teacher’s book (for all language editions), one corresponding reader, oneset of tests, and four multimedia CD-ROMs. This is Textbook 3 of the Hungarian edition, including six units, 12lessons. Each lesson teaches 1-2 Chinese characters, about 10 new words and onebasic sentence pattern. To be specific, the contents involve interactivesentence patterns, new words, learning of Chinese characters, explanations ofChinese culture in the learner’s native language with illustrations,handicrafts, songs, stories and other games and activities. After finishingthis book, students will be able to say a few simple sentences, sing someChinese children’s songs and get some knowledge about Chinese culture.<br/>
<b>About the Author</b><br/>
Liu Fuhua is the deputy dean of College of theHumanities and International Language College of Jilin University, whoseresearch involves teaching of Chinese as a foreign language, internationalChinese teaching materials, and international Chinese education. Ms. Liu hasengaged in the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language since 1985 and has presidedover several key textbook projects planned by Hanban. She has published twoacademic books, General Discussions onLinguisticsand ChinesePronunciation Training Course, five international Chinese textbooks andmore than 30 academic papers on international Chinese education, etc.<br/>
Chinese Paradise (2nd Edition) (Hungarian Edition) Textbook 3