Chinese Now! Grade 1 - Parents’ Manual

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Author: Cui Yonghua;
Language: English
Format: Books; 285 × 210 × 7 mm
Page: 288
Publication Date: 11/2017
ISBN: 9787561949269
Series: Chinese Now
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Primary School, Adults

Chinese Now!is a set of Chinese textbooks for students of the immersion program in North America. This book is a parents' manual for primary school Chinese, which contains both Chinese and English, which is convenient for parents to guide their children to learn Chinese.

About the Author
Prof. Cui Yonghua, the chief author, is a is a principal investigator in Beijing Language and Culture University. He has been engaged in the field of Chinese teaching and research since 1981. His research focuses on Chinese grammar, Chinese language teaching and Chinese information processing, and his publications include classroom Techniques for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Teaching and Research of Chinese as a Foreign Language (a collection of academic papers)and some textbooks coauthored with others, such as standard Chinese Course, Learning ChineseandLearn Chinese through Listening, Speaking and Watching.

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Chinese Now! Grade 1 - Parents’ Manual