Chinese National Treasures

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This book gives fascinating details of 23 national level cultural relics treasured in 12 provinces and autonomous regions of China.
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Testamentsto the nation's resilience

Eagle-shaped pottery ding

-- Perfect union of art and usage in primitive society

Hongshan jade dragon

-- No.1 Jade Dragon in China

Min fanglei

-- King of fanglei

Fu Hao owl-shaped zun

-- Symbol of the Goddess of War

"Li" bronze gui

-- Record of King Wu's war against King Zhou

He zun

-- Oldest treasure bearing the term "middle kingdom"

Guo Ji Zibai pan

-- Preeminent artifact at the National Museum of China

Cloud-patterned bronze jin

-- Most important cultural relic at Henan Museum

Marquis Yi of Zeng carillon

-- Warring States Period royal musical instrument

Tiger tally of Du County

-- Token to dispatch army in the state of Qin

Bronze chariot at Emperor Qin Shi Huang's Mausoleum

-- Crown jewel of bronzeware

Changxin palace lantern

-- No.1 Lantern of China

Brocade armband featuring "the middle kingdom"

-- National treasure found in Jingjue Kingdom

Bronze galloping horse

-- Remarkable Eastern Han Dynasty bronze art

Storyteller clay figurine

-- Rousing comedian in Han Dynasty

Dugu Xin's polyhedron jet seal

-- Most precious seal in the country

Wu Zetian's gold tablet

-- Empress' prayer for absolution

Agate drinking flask with beast head and gold nose

-- Tang Dynasty wine cup with intricate design

Silver incense burner with grape, flower and bird patterns

-- The very same incense burner used by Yang Guifei

Silver bottle with gilded cup-in-mouth dancing horse

-- Tang Dynasty bottle of northern grasslands style

Tricolor pottery figurine of camel carrying musicians

-- Witness of Tang Dynasty's grandeur

Yuan Dynasty imperial decree gold tablet

-- Tablet to issue Emperor's order

Nine-stringed crown of Prince Lu

-- Ceremonial headdress of a Ming Dynasty prince

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Sample pages of Chinese National Treasures (ISBN:9787508550558)
Sample pages of Chinese National Treasures (ISBN:9787508550558)
Sample pages of Chinese National Treasures (ISBN:9787508550558)
Sample pages of Chinese National Treasures (ISBN:9787508550558)

Chinese National Treasures