Chinese for Beginners Intensive Reading

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As a component book of Modern Chinese Beginner's Course, the elite textbook series of Beijing Language and Culture University Press, Modern Chinese Beginner's Course – Extensive Reading adopts the task-based teaching methodology to stimulate the learners' autonomous learning. Through the analysis of typical language materials, it helps to deepen the learners' understanding of Chinese, and improve their speaking and writing ability.

With 20 lessons, it is suitable for intermediate Chinese learners, or can be sued as integrated textbook for students taking long-term Chinese training classes. Vocabulary gives the meanings and collocations of new words, which is convenient for students' learning and at the same time cultivates their habit to use references and study on their own.

The recording CD is sold separately.

About the Author(s)

About the author
Lu Jianji, professor in Beijing Language and Culture University, has been engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language for more than 40 years, and has published academic works and compiled elite textbooks such as Modern Chinese Beginner's Course, The Commercial Press Chinese Learning Dictionary, etc.
Chinese for Beginners Intensive Reading