Chinese Fables: A Fool Goes Shoe Shopping

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Author: Zhao Zhenwan;
Language: Chinese, English
Format: 22.4 x 22.2 x 0.8 cm
Page: 24
Publication Date: 01/2015
ISBN: 9787510452383
Publisher: New World Press
Series: Chinese Fables

A Fool Goes Shoe Shopping is the first volume of Chinese fables. It tells that once there was a fool who went for shoe shopping in the market. First of all, he used a ruler to measure his feet, and then a straw to record the size. But he hurried to the market and left the straw at home. When he found a shoe stand on the market, he fumbled in the pocket for the marked straw, but it was gone. He said to the vendor: I left my size at home and cant remember it. Let me go home and get my size! When he finished the words, he immediately hurried away...

Chinese Fables: A Fool Goes Shoe Shopping