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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 áoao2to cook on a slow fire; to extract by heating; to decoct; to endure
2熬出头 熬出頭 áo chū tóuao2 chu1 tou2to break clear of all the troubles and hardships; to achieve success; to make it
3熬膏 áo gāoao2 gao1to simmer to a paste
4熬更守夜 áo gēng shǒu ao2 geng1 shou3 ye4to stay up through the night (idiom)
5熬煎 áo jiānao2 jian1suffering; torture
6熬头儿 熬頭兒 áo tou rao2 tou5 r5(coll.) the reward of one's efforts; the light at the end of the tunnel
7熬药 熬藥 áo yàoao2 yao4to decoct medicinal herbs
8熬夜 áo ao2 ye4to stay up late or all night
9寒冷难熬 寒冷難熬 hán lěng nán áohan2 leng3 nan2 ao2The bitter cold is unbearable. (idiom)
10煎熬 jiān áojian1 ao2to suffer; to torture; to torment; ordeal; suffering; torture; torment
11苦熬 áoku3 ao2to endure (years of suffering)
12难熬 難熬 nán áonan2 ao2hard to bear; unendurable (pain, suffering)
13受尽煎熬 受盡煎熬 shòu jìn jiān áoshou4 jin4 jian1 ao2to be subjected to all kinds of suffering (idiom)
14媳妇熬成婆 媳婦熬成婆 áo chéng xi2 fu4 ao2 cheng2 po2lit. even a submissive daughter-in-law will one day become a domineering mother-in-law (idiom); fig. the oppressed will become the oppressor; what goes around comes around
15眼睛熬红 眼睛熬紅 yǎn jing áo hóngyan3 jing5 ao2 hong2eyes red with fatigue

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