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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1卑之,毋甚高论 卑之,毋甚高論 bēi zhī , shèn gāo lùnbei1 zhi1 , wu2 shen4 gao1 lun4my opinion, nothing very involved (idiom, humble expression); my humble point is a familiar opinion; what I say is really nothing out of the ordinary
2不自由,毋宁死 不自由,毋寧死 yóu , nìng bu4 zi4 you2 , wu2 ning4 si3give me liberty or give me death
3宁缺毋滥 寧缺毋濫 nìng quē lànning4 que1 wu2 lan4better to have nothing (than substandard choice) (idiom); would prefer to go without than accept shoddy option
4稍安毋躁 shāo ān zàoshao1 an1 wu2 zao4variant of 少安毋躁
5少安毋躁 shǎo ān zàoshao3 an1 wu2 zao4keep calm, don't get excited; don't be impatient
6 Wu2(literary) no; don't; to not have; nobody; surname Wu
7毋宁 毋寧 nìngwu2 ning4not as good as; would rather
8毋忘 wàngwu2 wang4Don't forget! (literary)
9毋庸 yōngwu2 yong1no need for
10应毋庸议 應毋庸議 yìng yōng ying4 wu2 yong1 yi4The matter should not be considered. (a cliché used to say "no" in official correspondence) (idiom)

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