Meaning of 毋

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English Definition: surname Wu; (literary) no; don't; to not have; nobody
Chinese Definition:

Total strokes: 4; Radical: ; Structure: 毋 + *
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 毋
Example Words
毋庸 yōng no need for
毋宁 nìng not as good as; would rather
宁缺毋滥 nìng quē làn better to have nothing (than substandard choice) (idiom); would prefer to go without than accept shoddy option
少安毋躁 shǎo ān zào keep calm, don't get excited; don't be impatient
卑之,毋甚高论 bēi zhī , shèn gāo lùn my opinion, nothing very involved (idiom, humble expression); my humble point is a familiar opinion; what I say is really nothing out of the ordinary
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