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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1摧毁 摧毀 cuī huǐcui1 hui3to destroy; to wreck
2摧残 摧殘 cuī cáncui1 can2to ravage; to ruin
3悲摧 bēi cuībei1 cui1grieved; miserable
4崩摧 bēng cuībeng1 cui1to collapse; to shatter
5 cuīcui1to break; to destroy; to devastate; to ravage; to repress
6摧刚为柔 摧剛為柔 cuī gāng wéi róucui1 gang1 wei2 rou2to force the obstinate to yield (idiom)
7摧坚折锐 摧堅折銳 cuī jiān zhé ruìcui1 jian1 zhe2 rui4to smash the enemy's stronghold and defeat his crack troops (idiom)
8摧枯拉朽 cuī xiǔcui1 ku1 la1 xiu3to destroy sth. already deteriorating (idiom)
9蕙折兰摧 蕙折蘭摧 huì zhé lán cuīhui4 zhe2 lan2 cui1the good and pure are destroyed (idiom)
10坚不可摧 堅不可摧 jiān cuījian1 bu4 ke3 cui1invulnerable, indestructible, impregnable
11兰摧玉折 蘭摧玉折 lán cuī zhélan2 cui1 yu4 zhe2premature death of a budding talent; those whom the Gods love die young
12樯倾楫摧 檣傾楫摧 qiáng qīng cuīqiang2 qing1 ji2 cui1totally wrecked boat (idiom)
13扫荡摧清 掃蕩摧清 sǎo dàng cuī qīngsao3 dang4 cui1 qing1to clear up (an area) and bring about a peaceful condition (idiom)
14受尽摧残 受盡摧殘 shòu jìn cuī cánshou4 jin4 cui1 can2to be cruelly tortured (idiom)
15天摧地塌 tiān cuī tian1 cui1 di4 ta1(as if) the skies were falling and the earth rising (idiom)
16为虺弗摧 為虺弗摧 wéi huǐ cuīwei2 hui3 fu2 cui1to prevent evils from extending their influence (idiom)
17无坚不摧 無堅不摧 jiān cuīwu2 jian1 bu4 cui1no stronghold one cannot overcome (idiom); to conquer every obstacle; nothing one can't do; to carry everything before one

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