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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 huòhuo4maybe; perhaps; might; possibly; or
2或者 huò zhěhuo4 zhe3or; possibly; maybe; perhaps
3或是 huò shìhuo4 shi4or; either one or the other
4或许 或許 huò huo4 xu3perhaps; maybe
5或多或少 huò duō huò shǎohuo4 duo1 huo4 shao3more or less
6不可或缺 huò quēbu4 ke3 huo4 que1necessary; must have
7或称 或稱 huò chēnghuo4 cheng1also called; also known as; a.k.a.
8或此或彼 huò huò huo4 ci3 huo4 bi3either this or that (idiom)
9或门 或門 huò ménhuo4 men2OR gate (electronics)
10或然 huò ránhuo4 ran2probable
11或然率 huò rán huo4 ran2 lu:4probability (math.)
12或体 或體 huò huo4 ti3variant Chinese character; alternative form of a Chinese character
13或有负债 或有負債 huò yǒu zhàihuo4 you3 fu4 zhai4contingent liability (accounting) (idiom)
14即或 huòji2 huo4even if; even though
15间或 間或 jiàn huòjian4 huo4occasionally; now and then
16两个或更多 兩個或更多 liǎng huò gèng duōliang3 ge4 huo4 geng4 duo1two or more
17两个或两个以上 兩個或兩個以上 liǎng huò liǎng shàngliang3 ge4 huo4 liang3 ge4 yi3 shang4two or more
18容或 róng huòrong2 huo4perhaps; maybe; probably
19容或有之 róng huò yǒu zhīrong2 huo4 you3 zhi1There might be a grain of truth in it. (idiom)
20设或 設或 shè huòshe4 huo4if
21甚或 shèn huòshen4 huo4so much so that; to the extent that; even
22倘或 tǎng huòtang3 huo4if; supposing that
23相当于或大于 相當於或大於 xiāng dāng huò xiang1 dang1 yu2 huo4 da4 yu2greater than or equal to ≥; at least as great as
24亦或 huòyi4 huo4or; could it be that...?; or
25或将 或將 huò jiānghuo4 jiang1will perhaps; may (in the future)
26或缺 huò quēhuo4 que1to lack; to do without

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