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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 he1to drink; My goodness!
2喝酒 jiǔhe1 jiu3to drink (alcohol)
3吃喝 chī chi1 he1to eat and drink; food and drink
4喝茶 cháhe1 cha2to drink tea; (fig.) to have a meeting with state security agents (to be warned to behave "responsibly")
5白吃白喝 bái chī bái bai2 chi1 bai2 he1to freeload
6蹭吃蹭喝 cèng chī cèng ceng4 chi1 ceng4 he1to cadge a meal
7吃喝拉撒睡 chī shuìchi1 he1 la1 sa1 shui4to eat, drink, shit, piss, and sleep; (fig.) the ordinary daily routine
8吃喝嫖赌 吃喝嫖賭 chī piáo chi1 he1 piao2 du3to go dining, wining, whoring and gambling; to lead a life of dissipation
9吃喝玩乐 吃喝玩樂 chī wán chi1 he1 wan2 le4to eat, drink and be merry (idiom); to abandon oneself to a life of pleasure
10吃香喝辣 chī xiāng chi1 xiang1 he1 la4lit. to eat delicious food and drink hard liquor (idiom); fig. to live well
11大吃大喝 chī da4 chi1 da4 he1to eat and drink as much as one likes; to make a pig of oneself
12大吃二喝 chī èr da4 chi1 er4 he1to eat and drink extravagantly; to binge
13好喝 hǎo hao3 he1tasty (drinks)
14喝叱 chìhe1 chi4to berate; to excoriate; to chide; also written 呵斥 ; variant of 呵斥
15喝掉 diàohe1 diao4to drink up; to finish (a drink)
16喝断片 喝斷片 duàn piànhe1 duan4 pian4to get blackout drunk (slang)
17喝挂 喝掛 guàhe1 gua4(coll.) to get drunk; to get hammered
18喝光 guānghe1 guang1to drink up; to finish (a drink)
19呵喝 he1 he4to shout loudly; to bellow; to berate
20喝凉水都塞牙 喝涼水都塞牙 liáng shuǐ dōu sāi he1 liang2 shui3 dou1 sai1 ya2(coll.) to be out of luck
21喝茫 mánghe1 mang2(slang) to get drunk (Tw)
22喝西北风 喝西北風 běi fēnghe1 xi1 bei3 feng1lit. drink the northwest wind (idiom); cold and hungry
23喝醉 zuìhe1 zui4to get drunk
24胡吃海喝 chī hǎi hu2 chi1 hai3 he1to eat and drink gluttonously; to pig out
25浪吃二喝 làng chī èr lang4 chi1 er4 he1to eat and drink ravenously (idiom)
26难喝 難喝 nán nan2 he1unpleasant to drink
27请喝茶 請喝茶 qǐng cháqing3 he1 cha2(lit.) to invite to tea; (fig.) (of police etc) to interrogate sb about their subversive political activities and warn them against further involvement
28有吃有喝 yǒu chī yǒu you3 chi1 you3 he1to have plenty to eat and drink (idiom)
29足吃足喝 chī zu2 chi1 zu2 he1to eat and drink to one's heart's content (idiom)

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