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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 dǐngding3apex; crown of the head; top; roof; most; to carry on the head; to push to the top; to go against; to replace; to substitute; to be subjected to (an aerial bombing, hailstorm etc); (slang) to "bump" a forum thread to raise its profile; classifier for headwear, hats, veils etc
2顶点 頂點 dǐng diǎnding3 dian3summit; peak; (math.) vertex
3顶上 頂上 dǐng shàngding3 shang4on top of; at the summit
4顶住 頂住 dǐng zhùding3 zhu4to withstand; to stand up to
5顶峰 頂峰 dǐng fēngding3 feng1to face into the wind; against the wind; fig. against the law; peak; summit; fig. high point; masterpiece
6顶拜 頂拜 dǐng bàiding3 bai4to prostrate oneself; to kneel and bow the head (in submission, supplication, worship etc)
7顶班 頂班 dǐng bānding3 ban1to take over sb else's job; to substitute for
8顶板 頂板 dǐng bǎnding3 ban3roof; roof plate; rock layer forming roof of a cave or mine; abacus
9顶棒 頂棒 dǐng bàngding3 bang4bucking bar (metal bar fixing the tail of a rivet as it is driven)
10顶包 頂包 dǐng bāoding3 bao1to serve as forced labor; to take the rap for sb
11顶补 頂補 dǐng ding3 bu3to fill a vacancy; to substitute for
12顶部 頂部 dǐng ding3 bu4roof; topmost part; top (of tree, wall etc); apex
13顶层 頂層 dǐng céngding3 ceng2top floor; the top of a building
14顶戴 頂戴 dǐng dàiding3 dai4cap badge (official sign of rank in Qing dynasty)
15顶挡 頂擋 dǐng dǎngding3 dang3to resist; to obstruct; to bear responsibility for
16顶灯 頂燈 dǐng dēngding3 deng1dome light (of a taxi etc); ceiling light (in a room); interior light (of a car); light on the top of a mast etc
17顶端 頂端 dǐng duānding3 duan1summit; peak
18顶多 頂多 dǐng duōding3 duo1at most; at best
19顶阀 頂閥 dǐng ding3 fa2top valve; head valve
20顶风冒雨 頂風冒雨 dǐng fēng mào ding3 feng1 mao4 yu3to brave wind and rain (idiom)
21顶风停止 頂風停止 dǐng fēng tíng zhǐding3 feng1 ting2 zhi3to lie to (facing the wind)
22顶盖 頂蓋 dǐng gàiding3 gai4roof; lid
23顶杆 頂桿 dǐng gǎnding3 gan3top bar; crown bar
24顶缸 頂缸 dǐng gāngding3 gang1to take the blame; to be a scapegoat; to carry the can
25顶岗 頂崗 dǐng gǎngding3 gang3to replace sb on a workshift; to substitute for
26顶格 頂格 dǐng ding3 ge2(typesetting) to not indent; to set the text flush with the left (or top) margin
27顶骨 頂骨 dǐng ding3 gu3parietal bone (top of the scull)
28顶呱呱 頂呱呱 dǐng guā guāding3 gua1 gua1variant of 顶呱呱 ; tip-top; excellent; first-rate
29顶级 頂級 dǐng ding3 ji2top-notch; first-rate
30顶架 頂架 dǐng jiàding3 jia4cabin
31顶尖 頂尖 dǐng jiānding3 jian1peak; apex; world best; number one; finest (competitors); top (figures in a certain field)
32顶尖级 頂尖級 dǐng jiān ding3 jian1 ji2first class; top; world best
33顶尖儿 頂尖兒 dǐng jiān rding3 jian1 r5erhua variant of 顶尖
34顶角 頂角 dǐng jiǎoding3 jiao3angle at apex; summit angle; cusp
35顶客 頂客 dǐng ding3 ke4see 丁克
36顶夸克 頂夸克 dǐng kuā ding3 kua1 ke4top quark (particle physics)
37顶礼膜拜 頂禮膜拜 dǐng bàiding3 li3 mo2 bai4to prostrate oneself in worship (idiom); (fig.) to worship; to bow down to
38顶梁柱 頂梁柱 dǐng liáng zhùding3 liang2 zhu4pillar; backbone
39顶楼 頂樓 dǐng lóuding3 lou2top floor; attic; loft; garret; penthouse; (flat) rooftop (often used as an outdoor living area etc)
40顶轮 頂輪 dǐng lúnding3 lun2sahasrāra or sahasrara, the crown or fontanel chakra 查克拉 , residing at the top of the skull
41顶冒 頂冒 dǐng màoding3 mao4abbr. for 顶名冒姓
42顶门壮户 頂門壯戶 dǐng mén zhuàng ding3 men2 zhuang4 hu4to support the family business (idiom)
43顶面 頂面 dǐng miànding3 mian4top; top side; top surface
44顶名冒姓 頂名冒姓 dǐng míng mào xìngding3 ming2 mao4 xing4to pretend to be sb else
45顶膜礼拜 頂膜禮拜 dǐng bàiding3 mo2 li3 bai4to prostrate oneself in worship; to pay homage to; to make a fetish of (idiom)
46顶目 頂目 dǐng ding3 mu4item; event; project
47顶牛儿 頂牛兒 dǐng niú rding3 niu2 r5to push with the forehead; to lock horns; to be at loggerheads
48顶棚 頂棚 dǐng péngding3 peng2ceiling; awning (under ceiling)
49顶让 頂讓 dǐng ràngding3 rang4to hand over (a business etc) for an agreed price (Tw)
50顶人受过 頂人受過 dǐng rén shòu guòding3 ren2 shou4 guo4to take the blame for others (idiom)
51顶事 頂事 dǐng shìding3 shi4useful; fitting
52顶替 頂替 dǐng ding3 ti4to replace
53顶天立地 頂天立地 dǐng tiān ding3 tian1 li4 di4lit. able to support both heaven and earth; of indomitable spirit (idiom)
54顶头 頂頭 dǐng tóuding3 tou2to come directly towards one; top; immediate (superior)
55顶头上司 頂頭上司 dǐng tóu shàng siding3 tou2 shang4 si5one's immediate superior
56顶谢 頂謝 dǐng xièding3 xie4to bow in thanks
57顶芽 頂芽 dǐng ding3 ya2terminal bud (growing at the tip of a plant)
58顶叶 頂葉 dǐng ding3 ye4parietal lobe
59顶用 頂用 dǐng yòngding3 yong4to be of use
60顶针 頂針 dǐng zhēnding3 zhen1thimble
61顶撞 頂撞 dǐng zhuàngding3 zhuang4to contradict (elders or superiors)
62顶嘴 頂嘴 dǐng zuǐding3 zui3to talk back; to answer back
63顶罪 頂罪 dǐng zuìding3 zui4to take the blame for sb else; to compensate for one's crime; to get charges dropped (by paying money etc)

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