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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1问题 問題 wèn wen4 ti2question; problem; issue; topic; Classifiers:
2 wènwen4to ask
3问道 問道 wèn dàowen4 dao4to ask the way; to ask
4问候 問候 wèn hòuwen4 hou4to give one's respects; to send a greeting; (fig.) (coll.) to make offensive reference to (somebody dear to the person to whom one is speaking)
5问话 問話 wèn huàwen4 hua4questioning (a suspect); interrogation
6问安 問安 wèn ānwen4 an1to pay one's respects; to give regards to
7问长道短 問長道短 wèn cháng dào duǎnwen4 chang2 dao4 duan3to ask about this and that (idiom)
8问长问短 問長問短 wèn cháng wèn duǎnwen4 chang2 wen4 duan3to take the trouble to make detailed inquiries (idiom)
9问答 問答 wèn wen4 da2question and answer
10问倒 問倒 wèn dǎowen4 dao3to stump; to baffle
11问道于盲 問道於盲 wèn dào mángwen4 dao4 yu2 mang2lit. to ask a blind man the way (idiom); fig. to seek advice from an incompetent
12问鼎 問鼎 wèn dǐngwen4 ding3to aspire to the throne; to aim at (the first place etc)
13问鼎轻重 問鼎輕重 wèn dǐng qīng zhòngwen4 ding3 qing1 zhong4lit. to inquire whether the tripods are light or heavy (idiom); a laughable attempt to seize power
14问鼎中原 問鼎中原 wèn dǐng zhōng yuánwen4 ding3 zhong1 yuan2to plan to seize power of the whole country (idiom)
15问东问西 問東問西 wèn dōng wèn wen4 dong1 wen4 xi1to ask all sorts of questions (idiom)
16问寒问暖 問寒問暖 wèn hán wèn nuǎnwen4 han2 wen4 nuan3to be solicitous for sb.'s welfare (idiom)
17问好 問好 wèn hǎowen4 hao3to say hello to; to send one's regards to
18问号 問號 wèn hàowen4 hao4question mark (punct.); unknown factor; unsolved problem; interrogation
19问津 問津 wèn jīnwen4 jin1to make inquiries; to show interest
20问荆 問荊 wèn jīngwen4 jing1field horsetail (Equisetum arvense)
21问卷 問卷 wèn juànwen4 juan4questionnaire; Classifiers:
22问客杀鸡 問客殺雞 wèn shā wen4 ke4 sha1 ji1lit. asking guests whether or not to butcher a chicken for them (idiom); fig. hypocritical show of affection (or hospitality)
23问路 問路 wèn wen4 lu4to ask for directions; to ask the way (to some place)
24问名 問名 wèn míngwen4 ming2to enquire, according to custom, after the name and horoscope of intended bride; one of a set of six traditional marriage protocols (六礼 ), in which name as well as date and time of birth (for horoscope) are formally requested of the prospective bride's family
25问市 問市 wèn shìwen4 shi4to ask for information; to inquire; to be published; to come out; to hit the market
26问心无愧 問心無愧 wèn xīn kuìwen4 xin1 wu2 kui4lit. look into one's heart, no shame (idiom); with a clear conscience
27问心有愧 問心有愧 wèn xīn yǒu kuìwen4 xin1 you3 kui4to have a guilty conscience
28问讯 問訊 wèn xùnwen4 xun4interrogation; greeting
29问责 問責 wèn wen4 ze2to hold accountable; to blame; to censure; to apportion blame
30问责性 問責性 wèn xìngwen4 ze2 xing4accountability
31问诊 問診 wèn zhěnwen4 zhen3(TCM) interrogation, one of the four methods of diagnosis 四诊
32问住 問住 wèn zhùwen4 zhu4to stump sb with a question
33问罪 問罪 wèn zuìwen4 zui4to denounce; to condemn; to call to account; to punish
34问罪之师 問罪之師 wèn zuì zhī shīwen4 zui4 zhi1 shi1punitive force; a person setting out to deliver severe reproach

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