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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 zhèzhe4this; these; (commonly pr. [zhei4] before a classifier, esp. in Beijing)
2这个 這個 zhè gezhe4 ge5this; this one
3这样 這樣 zhè yàngzhe4 yang4this kind of; so; this way; like this; such
4这些 這些 zhè xiēzhe4 xie1these
5这里 這裏 zhè zhe4 li3here; variant of 这里
6这时 這時 zhè shízhe4 shi2at this time; at this moment
7这次 這次 zhè zhe4 ci4present; now; current
8这儿 這兒 zhè rzhe4 r5here
9这位 這位 zhè wèizhe4 wei4this (person)
10这天 這天 zhè tiānzhe4 tian1today; this day
11这种 這種 zhè zhǒngzhe4 zhong3this; this kind of; this sort of; this type of
12这边 這邊 zhè biānzhe4 bian1this side; here
13这样一来 這樣一來 zhè yàng láizhe4 yang4 yi1 lai2thus; if this happens then
14这下 這下 zhè xiàzhe4 xia4this time
15这般 這般 zhè bānzhe4 ban1like this; this way
16这边儿 這邊兒 zhè biān rzhe4 bian1 r5erhua variant of 这边
17这不 這不 zhè buzhe4 bu5(coll.) As a matter of fact, ... (used to introduce evidence for what one has just asserted)
18这个月 這個月 zhè yuèzhe4 ge4 yue4this month; the current month
19这还了得 這還了得 zhè hái liǎo zhe4 hai2 liao3 de2How dare you!; This is an outrage!; Absolutely disgraceful!
20这会儿 這會兒 zhè huì rzhe4 hui4 r5(coll.) now; this moment; also pr. [zhe4 hui3 r5]
21这几天 這幾天 zhè tiānzhe4 ji3 tian1the past few days
22这就 這就 zhè jiùzhe4 jiu4immediately; at once
23这类 這類 zhè lèizhe4 lei4this kind (of)
24这末 這末 zhè mezhe4 me5variant of 這麼 |这么 , so much; this much; this way; like this; variant of 这么 ; so much; this much; how much?; this way; like this; variant of 这么
25这么多 這麼多 zhè me duōzhe4 me5 duo1so many; so much
26这么样 這麼樣 zhè me yàngzhe4 me5 yang4thus; in this way
27这么着 這麼著 zhè me zhezhe4 me5 zhe5thus; in this way; like this
28这年头 這年頭 zhè nián touzhe4 nian2 tou5(coll.) nowadays
29这山望着那山高 這山望著那山高 zhè shān wàng zhe shān gāozhe4 shan1 wang4 zhe5 na4 shan1 gao1lit. the next mountain looks taller (idiom); fig. not satisfied with one's current position; the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence
30这下子 這下子 zhè xià zizhe4 xia4 zi5this time
31这项 這項 zhè xiàngzhe4 xiang4this (thing)
32这些个 這些個 zhè xiē gezhe4 xie1 ge5these
33这样吧 這樣吧 zhè yàng bazhe4 yang4 ba5Let's do it like this.
34这样子 這樣子 zhè yàng zizhe4 yang4 zi5so; such; this way; like this
35这一阵子 這一陣子 zhè zhèn zizhe4 yi1 zhen4 zi5recently; currently
36这咱 這咱 zhè zánzhe4 zan2now; at this moment
37这早晚儿 這早晚兒 zhè zǎo wǎn rzhe4 zao3 wan3 r5now; at this time; this late
38这阵儿 這陣兒 zhè zhèn rzhe4 zhen4 r5now; at present; at this juncture
39这阵子 這陣子 zhè zhèn zizhe4 zhen4 zi5now; at present; at this juncture
40这种方式 這種方式 zhè zhǒng fāng shìzhe4 zhong3 fang1 shi4(in) this way

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