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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1虽然 雖然 suī ránsui1 ran2although; even though; even if
2 suīsui1although; even though
3虽说 雖說 suī shuōsui1 shuo1though; although
4虽则 雖則 suī sui1 ze2nevertheless; although
5虽败犹荣 雖敗猶榮 suī bài yóu róngsui1 bai4 you2 rong2honorable even in defeat (idiom)
6虽贫不谄 雖貧不諂 suī pín chǎnsui1 pin2 bu4 chan3Though poor (he) flatters no one. (idiom)
7虽是 雖是 suī shìsui1 shi4although; even though; even if
8虽死不忘 雖死不忘 suī wàngsui1 si3 bu4 wang4I shall not forget it even in death. (idiom)
9虽死犹荣 雖死猶榮 suī yóu róngsui1 si3 you2 rong2lit. although dead, also honored; died a glorious death
10虽死犹生 雖死猶生 suī yóu shēngsui1 si3 you2 sheng1lit. although dead, as if still alive (idiom); still with us in spirit

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