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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 màimai4arteries and veins; vein (on a leaf, insect wing etc); variant of ; old variant of
2脉搏 脈搏 mài mai4 bo2beating (of heart); pulse (both medical and figurative)
3脉冲 脈衝 mài chōngmai4 chong1pulse (physics)
4脉案 脈案 mài ànmai4 an4medical record
5脉冲星 脈衝星 mài chōng xīngmai4 chong1 xing1pulsar (astronomy)
6脉动 脈動 mài dòngmai4 dong4pulse; throbbing; pulsation
7脉管 脈管 mài guǎnmai4 guan3vascular (made up of vessels)
8脉管组织 脈管組織 mài guǎn zhīmai4 guan3 zu3 zhi1vascular tissue
9脉口 脈口 mài kǒumai4 kou3location on wrist over the radial artery where pulse is taken in TCM
10脉轮 脈輪 mài lúnmai4 lun2chakra
11脉络 脈絡 mài luòmai4 luo4arteries and veins; network of blood vessels; vascular system (of a plant or animal); (fig.) fabric (i.e. underlying structure, as in "social fabric"); overall context
12脉络膜 脈絡膜 mài luò mai4 luo4 mo2choroid (vascular layer of the eyeball between the retina and the sclera)
13脉门 脈門 mài ménmai4 men2pulse (in Chinese medicine)
14脉石 脈石 mài shímai4 shi2veinstone (stone containing a vein of precious metal)
15脉息 脈息 mài mai4 xi1pulse
16脉息微弱 脈息微弱 mài wēi ruòmai4 xi1 wei1 ruo4to have a weak pulse (Chinese medicine) (idiom)
17脉象 脈象 mài xiàngmai4 xiang4condition or type of pulse (in Chinese medicine)
18脉压 脈壓 mài mai4 ya1blood pressure
19脉诊 脈診 mài zhěnmai4 zhen3(TCM) diagnosis based on the patient's pulse; to make such a diagnosis

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