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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1统一 統一 tǒng tong3 yi1to unify; to unite; to integrate
2统计 統計 tǒng tong3 ji4statistics; to count; to add up
3统治者 統治者 tǒng zhì zhětong3 zhi4 zhe3ruler
4统一战线 統一戰線 tǒng zhàn xiàntong3 yi1 zhan4 xian4united front
5统统 統統 tǒng tǒngtong3 tong3totally
6统一性 統一性 tǒng xìngtong3 yi1 xing4unity
7 tǒngtong3to gather; to unite; to unify; whole
8统称 統稱 tǒng chēngtong3 cheng1to be collectively called; collective term; general designation
9统一体 統一體 tǒng tong3 yi1 ti3whole; single entity
10统制 統制 tǒng zhìtong3 zhi4to rule (a country); to govern; rule; regime; to control
11统筹 統籌 tǒng chóutong3 chou2an overall plan; to plan an entire project as a whole
12统包统配 統包統配 tǒng bāo tǒng pèitong3 bao1 tong3 pei4centralized allocation of labor (idiom)
13统舱 統艙 tǒng cāngtong3 cang1common passenger accommodation in the hold of a ship; steerage
14统称为 統稱為 tǒng chēng wéitong3 cheng1 wei2collectively known as; to call sth as a group
15统筹兼顾 統籌兼顧 tǒng chóu jiān tong3 chou2 jian1 gu4an overall plan taking into account all factors
16统调统配 統調統配 tǒng diào tǒng pèitong3 diao4 tong3 pei4centralized transfer and allocation (idiom)
17统独 統獨 tǒng tong3 du2standard (unified) pronunciation of a character with multiple readings, as stipulated by the PRC Ministry of Education in 1985; unification and independence
18统负盈亏 統負盈虧 tǒng yíng kuītong3 fu4 ying2 kui1to be responsible for losses and profits (idiom)
19统感 統感 tǒng gǎntong3 gan3feeling of togetherness
20统共 統共 tǒng gòngtong3 gong4altogether; in total
21统购 統購 tǒng gòutong3 gou4state purchasing monopoly; unified government purchase
22统购派购 統購派購 tǒng gòu pài gòutong3 gou4 pai4 gou4unified government purchase at fixed price (esp of farm products)
23统购统销 統購統銷 tǒng gòu tǒng xiāotong3 gou4 tong3 xiao1state monopoly of purchasing and marketing
24统管 統管 tǒng guǎntong3 guan3unified administration
25统汉字 統漢字 tǒng hàn tong3 Han4 zi4Unihan; China Japan Korea (CJK) unified ideographs; abbr. for 中日韩统一表意文字
26统货 統貨 tǒng huòtong3 huo4unified goods; goods in the command economy that are not graded by quality and uniformly priced
27统计表 統計表 tǒng biǎotong3 ji4 biao3statistical table; chart
28统计结果 統計結果 tǒng jié guǒtong3 ji4 jie2 guo3statistical results
29统计数据 統計數據 tǒng shù tong3 ji4 shu4 ju4statistical data
30统计学 統計學 tǒng xuétong3 ji4 xue2statistics
31统计员 統計員 tǒng yuántong3 ji4 yuan2statistician
32统假设 統假設 tǒng jiǎ shètong3 jia3 she4hypothesis; conjecture
33统建 統建 tǒng jiàntong3 jian4to develop as a government project; to construct under the authority of a commission
34统考 統考 tǒng kǎotong3 kao3unified examination (e.g. across the country)
35统揽 統攬 tǒng lǎntong3 lan3to be in overall charge; to have overall control
36统领 統領 tǒng lǐngtong3 ling3to lead; to command; commander; officer
37统配 統配 tǒng pèitong3 pei4a unified distribution; a unified allocation
38统铺 統鋪 tǒng tong3 pu4a common bed (to sleep many)
39统摄 統攝 tǒng shètong3 she4to command
40统属 統屬 tǒng shǔtong3 shu3subordination; line of command
41统帅 統帥 tǒng shuàitong3 shuai4to command; to direct; command; commander-in-chief
42统通 統通 tǒng tōngtong3 tong1everything
43统辖 統轄 tǒng xiátong3 xia2to govern; to have complete control over; to be in command of
44统销 統銷 tǒng xiāotong3 xiao1state marketing monopoly
45统一发票 統一發票 tǒng piàotong3 yi1 fa1 piao4invoice
46统一规划 統一規劃 tǒng guī huàtong3 yi1 gui1 hua4integrated program
47统一口径 統一口徑 tǒng kǒu jìngtong3 yi1 kou3 jing4lit. one-track path; fig. to adopt a unified approach to discussing an issue; to sing from the same hymn-sheet
48统一码 統一碼 tǒng tong3 yi1 ma3Unicode
49统一思想 統一思想 tǒng xiǎngtong3 yi1 si1 xiang3with the same idea in mind; with a common purpose
50统一新罗 統一新羅 tǒng xīn luótong3 yi1 Xin1 luo2unified Silla (658-935), Korean kingdom
51统一战线工作部 統一戰線工作部 tǒng zhàn xiàn gōng zuò Tong3 yi1 Zhan4 xian4 Gong1 zuo4 bu4United Front Work Department of CCP Central Committee (UFWD)
52统一招生 統一招生 tǒng zhāo shēngtong3 yi1 zhao1 sheng1national unified entrance exam
53统一资源 統一資源 tǒng yuántong3 yi1 zi1 yuan2unified resource
54统一资源定位 統一資源定位 tǒng yuán dìng wèitong3 yi1 zi1 yuan2 ding4 wei4universal resource locator (URL), i.e. webaddress
55统一资源定位符 統一資源定位符 tǒng yuán dìng wèi tong3 yi1 zi1 yuan2 ding4 wei4 fu2universal resource locator (URL), i.e. webaddress
56统御 統御 tǒng tong3 yu4to control; control
57统战 統戰 tǒng zhàntong3 zhan4united front (abbr. for 统一战线 )
58统战部 統戰部 tǒng zhàn Tong3 Zhan4 bu4United Front Work Department of CCP Central Committee (UFWD); abbr. for 统一战线工作部
59统治权 統治權 tǒng zhì quántong3 zhi4 quan2sovereignty; dominion; dominance

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