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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 fěnfen3powder; cosmetic face powder; food prepared from starch; noodles or pasta made from any kind of flour; whitewash; white; pink
2粉碎 fěn suìfen3 sui4to crush; to smash; to shatter
3粉末 fěn fen3 mo4fine powder; dust
4粉红色 粉紅色 fěn hóng fen3 hong2 se4pink
5粉圆 粉圓 fěn yuánfen3 yuan2tapioca ball
6粉板 fěn bǎnfen3 ban3blackboard; painted board on which to make temporary notes with brush pen
7粉笔 粉筆 fěn fen3 bi3chalk; Classifiers:
8粉饼 粉餅 fěn bǐngfen3 bing3compact (cosmetics)
9粉不喇唧 fěn bu fen3 bu5 la1 ji1chalky (idiom)
10粉车 粉車 fěn chēfen3 che1(Mary Kay Cosmetics) pink car
11粉尘 粉塵 fěn chénfen3 chen2dust; airborne powder; solid particulate matter
12粉刺 fěn fen3 ci4pimple; comedo; blackhead; acne
13粉黛 fěn dàifen3 dai4face powder and eyebrow liner; cosmetics; (fig.) beautiful woman
14粉底 fěn fen3 di3foundation (cosmetics)
15粉红 粉紅 fěn hóngfen3 hong2pink
16粉红黛绿 粉紅黛綠 fěn hóng dài fen3 hong2 dai4 lu:4beauty; heavy makeup (idiom)
17粉红腹岭雀 粉紅腹嶺雀 fěn hóng lǐng quèfen3 hong2 fu4 ling3 que4(bird species of China) Asian rosy finch (Leucosticte arctoa)
18粉红椋鸟 粉紅椋鳥 fěn hóng liáng niǎofen3 hong2 liang2 niao3(bird species of China) rosy starling (Pastor roseus)
19粉红山椒鸟 粉紅山椒鳥 fěn hóng shān jiāo niǎofen3 hong2 shan1 jiao1 niao3(bird species of China) rosy minivet (Pericrocotus roseus)
20粉红胸鹨 粉紅胸鷚 fěn hóng xiōng liùfen3 hong2 xiong1 liu4(bird species of China) rosy pipit (Anthus roseatus)
21粉红燕鸥 粉紅燕鷗 fěn hóng yàn ōufen3 hong2 yan4 ou1(bird species of China) roseate tern (Sterna dougallii)
22粉领 粉領 fěn lǐngfen3 ling3pink collar; woman working in the service industry
23粉墨登场 粉墨登場 fěn dēng chǎngfen3 mo4 deng1 chang3to make up and go on stage (idiom); to embark on a career (esp. in politics or crime)
24粉扑 粉撲 fěn fen3 pu1powder puff (cosmetics)
25粉芡 fěn qiànfen3 qian4cooking starch; pasty mixture of starch and water
26粉墙 粉牆 fěn qiángfen3 qiang2whitewashed wall; to whitewash a wall
27粉色 fěn fen3 se4pink; white; erotic; beautiful woman; powdered (with make-up)
28粉砂 fěn shāfen3 sha1silt
29粉砂石 fěn shā shífen3 sha1 shi2siltstone
30粉砂岩 fěn shā yánfen3 sha1 yan2siltstone
31粉身碎骨 fěn shēn suì fen3 shen1 sui4 gu3lit. torn body and crushed bones (idiom); fig. to die horribly; to sacrifice one's life
32粉饰 粉飾 fěn shìfen3 shi4to paint; to whitewash; to decorate; plaster; fig. to gloss over; to cover up
33粉饰太平 粉飾太平 fěn shì tài píngfen3 shi4 tai4 ping2to pretend that everything is going well
34粉刷 fěn shuāfen3 shua1to paint; to whitewash; emulsion; plaster
35粉丝 粉絲 fěn fen3 si1bean vermicelli; mung bean starch noodles; Chinese vermicelli; cellophane noodles; Classifiers: ; fan (loanword); enthusiast for sb or sth
36粉碎机 粉碎機 fěn suì fen3 sui4 ji1pulverizer; grinder
37粉条 粉條 fěn tiáofen3 tiao2vermicelli made from mung bean starch etc
38粉头 粉頭 fěn tóufen3 tou2prostitute (old); crafty character (in opera)
39粉土 fěn fen3 tu3dust; sand
40粉艳 粉艷 fěn yànfen3 yan4(of a woman, a flower etc) delicate colors
41粉转黑 粉轉黑 fěn zhuǎn hēifen3 zhuan3 hei1(Internet slang) to go from being an admirer to being a detractor
42粉装玉琢 粉裝玉琢 fěn zhuāng zhuófen3 zhuang1 yu4 zhuo2silvery white (said of a snow scene); lovely and white-skinned (of a lady) (idiom)

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