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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1称为 稱為 chēng wéicheng1 wei2called; to call sth (by a name); to name
2 chēngcheng1to weigh; to state; to name; name; appellation; to praise
3称之为 稱之為 chēng zhī wéicheng1 zhi1 wei2to call it...; known as...
4称赞 稱讚 chēng zàncheng1 zan4to praise; to acclaim; to commend; to compliment
5称作 稱作 chēng zuòcheng1 zuo4to be called; to be known as; to be called; to be known as
6称号 稱號 chēng hàocheng1 hao4name; term of address; title
7称呼 稱呼 chēng hucheng1 hu5to call; to address as; appellation
8称谓 稱謂 chēng wèicheng1 wei4title; appellation; form of address
9称量 稱量 chēng liángcheng1 liang2to weigh
10称霸 稱霸 chēng cheng1 ba4lit. to proclaim oneself hegemon; to take a leading role; to build a personal fiefdom
11称霸世界 稱霸世界 chēng shì jiècheng1 ba4 shi4 jie4to dominate the world; world hegemony (idiom)
12称霸一方 稱霸一方 chēng fāngcheng1 ba4 yi1 fang1to play the tyrant in a locality (idiom)
13称道 稱道 chēng dàocheng1 dao4to commend; to praise
14称得上 稱得上 chēng de shàngcheng1 de5 shang4can be counted as
15称孤道寡 稱孤道寡 chēng dào guǎcheng1 gu1 dao4 gua3to call oneself king (idiom)
16称斤掂两 稱斤掂兩 chēng jīn diān liǎngcheng1 jin1 dian1 liang3small-minded (idiom)
17称快一时 稱快一時 chēng kuài shícheng1 kuai4 yi1 shi2to be satisfied for a time (idiom)
18称说 稱說 chēng shuōcheng1 shuo1to declare; to state; to call; to name
19称颂 稱頌 chēng sòngcheng1 song4to praise
20称谢 稱謝 chēng xiècheng1 xie4to express thanks
21称薪而爨 稱薪而爨 chēng xīn ér cuàncheng1 xin1 er2 cuan4to be extremely stingy (idiom)
22称雄一方 稱雄一方 chēng xióng fāngcheng1 xiong2 yi1 fang1to take forcible possession of a territory (idiom)
23称许 稱許 chēng cheng1 xu3to praise; to commend
24称扬 稱揚 chēng yángcheng1 yang2to praise; to compliment
25称誉 稱譽 chēng cheng1 yu4to acclaim; to sing the praises of
26称重 稱重 chēng zhòngcheng1 zhong4to weigh
27称稱 敬稱 jìng chēngjing4 cheng1term of respect; honorific

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