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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 kǎokao3to roast; to bake; to broil
2烤麸 烤麩 kǎo kao3 fu1kao fu, a spongy wheat gluten product used in Chinese cuisine
3烤焦 kǎo jiāokao3 jiao1to burn (food by overroasting etc)
4烤饼 烤餅 kǎo bǐngkao3 bing3scone
5烤电 烤電 kǎo diànkao3 dian4diathermia (medical treatment involving local heating of body tissues with electric current)
6烤房 kǎo fángkao3 fang2drying room; oven
7烤胡椒香肠 烤胡椒香腸 kǎo jiāo xiāng chángkao3 hu2 jiao1 xiang1 chang2roast pepper sausage; pepperoni
8烤火 kǎo huǒkao3 huo3to warm oneself at a fire
9烤鸡 烤雞 kǎo kao3 ji1roast chicken
10烤架 kǎo jiàkao3 jia4grill (of a cooker etc)
11烤炉 烤爐 kǎo kao3 lu2oven (PRC)
12烤面包 烤麵包 kǎo miàn bāokao3 mian4 bao1toast; to bake bread
13烤面包机 烤麵包機 kǎo miàn bāo kao3 mian4 bao1 ji1toaster; toaster
14烤盘 烤盤 kǎo pánkao3 pan2baking tray
15烤肉 kǎo ròukao3 rou4barbecue (lit. roast meat)
16烤肉酱 烤肉醬 kǎo ròu jiàngkao3 rou4 jiang4barbecue sauce
17烤箱 kǎo xiāngkao3 xiang1oven
18烤鸭 烤鴨 kǎo kao3 ya1roast duck
19烤烟 烤煙 kǎo yānkao3 yan1flue-cured tobacco; tobacco for flue-curing
20烤炙 kǎo zhìkao3 zhi4to scorch; (of the sun) to beat down on

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