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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 shūshu1a comb; to comb
2梳芙厘 shū shu1 fu2 li2soufflé (loanword)
3梳乎厘 shū shu1 hu1 li2soufflé (loanword)
4梳理 shū shu1 li3to comb; fig. to sort out
5梳弄 shū nòngshu1 nong4(old) to deflorate a prostitute
6梳头 梳頭 shū tóushu1 tou2to comb one's hair
7梳洗 shū shu1 xi3to make oneself presentable; to freshen up
8梳妆 梳妝 shū zhuāngshu1 zhuang1to dress and groom oneself
9梳妆打扮 梳妝打扮 shū zhuāng bànshu1 zhuang1 da3 ban4to deck oneself out; to dress smartly; to be dressed up (idiom)
10梳妆室 梳妝室 shū zhuāng shìshu1 zhuang1 shi4boudoir; lady's dressing room
11梳妆台 梳妝檯 shū zhuāng táishu1 zhuang1 tai2dressing table
12梳子 shū zishu1 zi5comb; Classifiers:

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