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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 zhīzhi1branch; classifier for sticks, rods, pencils etc
2枝条 枝條 zhī tiáozhi1 tiao2branch; twig; stem
3枝叶 枝葉 zhī zhi1 ye4branch and leaf
4枝城 zhī chéngZhi1 cheng2Zicheng town in Yidu county 宜都 , Hubei
5枝城镇 枝城鎮 zhī chéng zhènZhi1 cheng2 zhen4Zicheng town in Yidu county 宜都 , Hubei
6枝江 zhī jiāngZhi1 jiang1Zhijiang county level city in Yichang 宜昌 , Hubei
7枝江市 zhī jiāng shìZhi1 jiang1 shi4Zhijiang county level city in Yichang 宜昌 , Hubei
8枝节 枝節 zhī jiézhi1 jie2branches and knots; fig. side issue; minor peripheral problem
9枝节丛生 枝節叢生 zhī jié cóng shēngzhi1 jie2 cong2 sheng1bristling with complications (idiom)
10枝节横生 枝節橫生 zhī jié héng shēngzhi1 jie2 heng2 sheng1side issues keep arising (idiom)
11枝节问题 枝節問題 zhī jié wèn zhi1 jie2 wen4 ti2side issue; peripheral complication
12枝解 zhī jiězhi1 jie3variant of 肢解
13枝晶 zhī jīngzhi1 jing1abbr. of 树枝状晶
14枝蔓 zhī mànzhi1 man4branches and tendrils; fig. overcomplicated or digressive
15枝盛叶茂 枝盛葉茂 zhī shèng màozhi1 sheng4 ye4 mao4luxuriant in branches and leaves (idiom)
16枝丫 zhī zhi1 ya1branch; twig; variant of 枝桠 ; variant of 枝桠
17枝叶抚苏 枝葉撫蘇 zhī zhi1 ye4 fu3 su1branches profusely covered with leaves (idiom)
18枝枝节节 枝枝節節 zhī zhī jié jiézhi1 zhi1 jie2 jie2complications; minor issues
19枝状灯架 枝狀燈架 zhī zhuàng dēng jiàzhi1 zhuang4 deng1 jia4chandelier
20枝子 zhī zizhi1 zi5twig; branch

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