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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1条件 條件 tiáo jiàntiao2 jian4condition; circumstances; term; factor; requirement; prerequisite; qualification; Classifiers:
2 tiáotiao2strip; item; article; clause (of law or treaty); classifier for long thin things (ribbon, river, road, trousers etc)
3条约 條約 tiáo yuētiao2 yue1treaty; pact; Classifiers:
4条例 條例 tiáo tiao2 li4regulations; rules; code of conduct; ordinances; statutes
5条款 條款 tiáo kuǎntiao2 kuan3clause (of contract or law); Classifiers:
6条件反射 條件反射 tiáo jiàn fǎn shètiao2 jian4 fan3 she4conditioned reflex
7条文 條文 tiáo wéntiao2 wen2stripe; clause; explanatory section in a document
8条子 條子 tiáo zitiao2 zi5short note; slip of paper; stripe; (slang) cop; (old) prostitute
9条案 條案 tiáo àntiao2 an4long narrow table
10条斑窃蠹 條斑竊蠹 tiáo bān qiè tiao2 ban1 qie4 du4furniture beetle
11条板箱 條板箱 tiáo bǎn xiāngtiao2 ban3 xiang1crate
12条播 條播 tiáo tiao2 bo1to drill (i.e. plant seeds in spaced rows)
13条畅 條暢 tiáo chàngtiao2 chang4orderly and logical (of writing); luxuriant; flourishing; prosperous
14条陈 條陳 tiáo chéntiao2 chen2to lay out (an argument) item by item; memorandum to a superior
15条凳 條凳 tiáo dèngtiao2 deng4bench
16条分缕析 條分縷析 tiáo fēn tiao2 fen1 lu:3 xi1to analyze thoroughly, point by point (idiom)
17条幅 條幅 tiáo tiao2 fu2wall scroll (for painting or calligraphy); banner
18条幅广告 條幅廣告 tiáo guǎng gàotiao2 fu2 guang3 gao4banner advertisement
19条贯 條貫 tiáo guàntiao2 guan4system; sequence; order; procedures
20条规 條規 tiáo guītiao2 gui1rule
21条痕 條痕 tiáo héntiao2 hen2weal (e.g. from whipping); streak
22条几 條幾 tiáo tiao2 ji1long narrow table
23条件多馀性 條件多餘性 tiáo jiàn duō xìngtiao2 jian4 duo1 yu2 xing4conditional redundancy
24条件反应 條件反應 tiáo jiàn fǎn yìngtiao2 jian4 fan3 ying4conditioned response
25条件概率 條件概率 tiáo jiàn gài tiao2 jian4 gai4 lu:4conditional probability
26条件句 條件句 tiáo jiàn tiao2 jian4 ju4conditional clause
27条件式 條件式 tiáo jiàn shìtiao2 jian4 shi4conditional
28条块分割 條塊分割 tiáo kuài fēn tiao2 kuai4 fen1 ge1separation of departments and regions (idiom)
29条块结合 條塊結合 tiáo kuài jié tiao2 kuai4 jie2 he2integration of departments and regions at different levels (idiom)
30条理 條理 tiáo tiao2 li3arrangement; order; tidiness
31条码 條碼 tiáo tiao2 ma3barcode
32条目 條目 tiáo tiao2 mu4clauses and sub-clauses (in formal document); entry (in a dictionary, encyclopedia etc)
33条条大路通罗马 條條大路通羅馬 tiáo tiáo tōng luó tiao2 tiao2 da4 lu4 tong1 Luo2 ma3all roads lead to Rome; use different means to obtain the same result (idiom)
34条条框框 條條框框 tiáo tiáo kuàng kuàngtiao2 tiao2 kuang4 kuang4fixed framework (idiom); restriction of social conventions and taboos (usually derogatory); regulations and restrictions
35条条有理 條條有理 tiáo tiáo yǒu tiao2 tiao2 you3 li3to be in good order (idiom)
36条纹噪鹛 條紋噪鶥 tiáo wén zào méitiao2 wen2 zao4 mei2(bird species of China) striated laughingthrush (Garrulax striatus)
37条形 條形 tiáo xíngtiao2 xing2a bar; a strip
38条形码 條形碼 tiáo xíng tiao2 xing2 ma3barcode
39条形燃料 條形燃料 tiáo xíng rán liàotiao2 xing2 ran2 liao4fuel rods
40条形图 條形圖 tiáo xíng tiao2 xing2 tu2bar chart

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