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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1明显 明顯 míng xiǎnming2 xian3clear; distinct; obvious
2明确 明確 míng quèming2 que4clear-cut; definite; explicit; to clarify; to specify; to make definite
3明天 míng tiānming2 tian1tomorrow
4明白 míng baiming2 bai5clear; obvious; unequivocal; to understand; to realize
5 míngMing2bright; opposite: dark ; (of meaning) clear; to understand; next; public or open; wise; generic term for a sacrifice to the gods; Ming Dynasty (1368-1644); surname Ming; Ming (c. 2000 BC), fourth of the legendary Flame Emperors, 炎帝 Farmer God
6明亮 míng liàngming2 liang4bright; shining; glittering; to become clear
7明年 míng niánming2 nian2next year
8明明 míng míngming2 ming2obviously; plainly; undoubtedly; definitely
9明代 míng dàiMing2 dai4the Ming dynasty (1368-1644)
10明朝 míng cháoMing2 chao2Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
11明朝 míng zhāoming2 zhao1tomorrow morning; the following morning
12明星 míng xīngming2 xing1star; celebrity
13明知 míng zhīming2 zhi1to be fully aware of; to know perfectly well
14明朗 míng lǎngming2 lang3bright; clear; obvious; forthright; open-minded; bright and cheerful
15明月 míng yuèming2 yue4bright moon; refers to 夜明珠 , a legendary pearl that can glow in the dark; Classifiers:
16明了 míng liǎoming2 liao3to understand clearly; to be clear about; plain; clear; to understand clearly; to be clear about; plain; clear; also written 明了
17明清 míng qīngMing2 Qing1the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties
18明文规定 明文規定 míng wén guī dìngming2 wen2 gui1 ding4expressly stipulated (in writing)
19明里暗里 明裡暗裡 míng àn ming2 li3 an4 li3overtly and secretly; explicitly and implicitly
20明摆着 明擺著 míng bǎi zheming2 bai3 zhe5evident; clear; undoubted
21明白如话 明白如話 míng bai huàming2 bai5 ru2 hua4as plain as ordinary speech; plain and easy to understand (idiom)
22明报 明報 míng bàoMing2 Bao4Ming Pao newspaper (Hong Kong)
23明辨 míng biànming2 bian4to discern; to distinguish clearly
24明辨是非 míng biàn shì fēiming2 bian4 shi4 fei1to distinguish right and wrong (idiom)
25明察 míng cháming2 cha2to note clearly; to perceive
26明察暗访 明察暗訪 míng chá àn fǎngming2 cha2 an4 fang3open enquiries and secret search (idiom); to investigate openly and in secret; taking information from all sides; open enquiries and secret search (idiom); to investigate openly and in secret; taking information from all sides
27明察秋毫 míng chá qiū háoming2 cha2 qiu1 hao2lit. seeing clearly the downy feathers of autumn (idiom, from Mencius); fig. perceptive of even the finest detail
28明朝体 明朝體 míng cháo Ming2 chao2 ti3Mincho font
29明澈 míng chèming2 che4clear; limpid
30明澈如镜 明澈如鏡 míng chè jìngming2 che4 ru2 jing4to be like a mirror; transparent (idiom)
31明成祖 míng chéng Ming2 Cheng2 zu3Ming Chengzu, Temple name of third Ming Emperor Yongle 永乐
32明耻教战 明恥教戰 míng chǐ jiào zhànming2 chi3 jiao4 zhan4to teach people to defend the national honor (idiom)
33明初 míng chūMing2 chu1the early Ming (i.e. from second half of 14th century)
34明处 明處 míng chùming2 chu4clear place; out in the open
35明窗净几 明窗淨几 míng chuāng jìng ming2 chuang1 jing4 ji1lit. clear window and clean table (idiom); fig. bright and clean (room)
36明达 明達 míng ming2 da2reasonable; of good judgment
37明达事理 明達事理 míng shì ming2 da2 shi4 li3reasonable; sensible
38明德 míng ming2 de2highest virtue; illustrious virtue
39明德学院 明德學院 míng xué yuànMing2 de2 Xue2 yuan4Middlebury College, private liberal arts college in Middlebury, Vermont
40明德镇 明德鎮 míng zhènMing2 de2 zhen4Middlebury (name of town in Vermont)
41明订 明訂 míng dìngming2 ding4to stipulate; to state expressly; to explicitly provide for
42明罚思过 明罰思過 míng guòming2 fa2 si1 guo4to discover one's faults and reflect on one's errors (idiom)
43明矾 明礬 míng fánming2 fan2alum
44明岗暗哨 明崗暗哨 míng gǎng àn shàoming2 gang3 an4 shao4both covert and undercover (officers) keeping watch (idiom)
45明个前晌 明個前晌 míng ge qián shǎngming2 ge5 qian2 shang3tomorrow morning; later (colloquial)
46明沟排水 明溝排水 míng gōu pái shuǐming2 gou1 pai2 shui3open-ditch drainage (agriculture)
47明古鲁 明古魯 míng Ming2 gu3 lu3Bengkulu (Indonesian town on the south coast of Sumatra)
48明古鲁市 明古魯市 míng shìMing2 gu3 lu3 shi4Bengkulu (Indonesian town on the south coast of Sumatra)
49明光 míng guāngMing2 guang1Mingguang county level city in Chuzhou 滁州 , Anhui
50明光度 míng guāng ming2 guang1 du4luminosity
51明光蓝 明光藍 míng guāng lánming2 guang1 lan2lavender blue
52明光市 míng guāng shìMing2 guang1 shi4Mingguang county level city in Chuzhou 滁州 , Anhui
53明和 míng Ming2 he2Minghe, rail station in South Taiwan; Meiwa (Japanese reign name 1764-1772); Meiwa (common name for Japanese companies or schools)
54明晃晃 míng huǎng huǎngming2 huang3 huang3shining; bright
55明慧 míng huìming2 hui4intelligent; brilliant
56明火 míng huǒming2 huo3flame; open fire
57明见万里 明見萬里 míng jiàn wàn ming2 jian4 wan4 li3to be capable to foresee the situation (idiom)
58明胶 明膠 míng jiāoming2 jiao1gelatin
59明皎 míng jiǎoming2 jiao3clear and bright
60明教 míng jiàoMing2 jiao4Manicheism; same as 摩尼教
61明净 明淨 míng jìngming2 jing4mirror (as a metaphor for sth beautiful, bright and flat -- such as a lake -- or sth that provides clarity and insight); Der Spiegel; bright and clean; luminous
62明镜高悬 明鏡高懸 míng jìng gāo xuánming2 jing4 gao1 xuan2perspicacious and impartial in judgment (idiom)
63明理 míng ming2 li3sensible; reasonable; an obvious reason, truth or fact; to understand the reason or reasoning
64明丽 明麗 míng ming2 li4bright and beautiful; (of a landscape) gorgeous; (of a color) vibrant
65明膫 míng liáoming2 liao2manifest
66明令 míng lìngming2 ling4to decree
67明码 明碼 míng ming2 ma3non-secret code (such as Morse code, Chinese telegraph code, ASCII etc); plaintext (cryptography); (of prices) clearly marked
68明媒正娶 míng méi zhèng ming2 mei2 zheng4 qu3to be officially wed
69明媚 míng mèiming2 mei4bright and beautiful
70明灭 明滅 míng mièming2 mie4to flicker; to flash on and off; to brighten and fade
71明末 míng Ming2 mo4late Ming; first half of the 17th century
72明末清初 míng qīng chūMing2 mo4 Qing1 chu1late Ming and early Qing; around the middle of the 17th century
73明眸皓齿 明眸皓齒 míng móu hào chǐming2 mou2 hao4 chi3to have bright eyes and white teeth
74明眸善睐 明眸善睞 míng móu shàn làiming2 mou2 shan4 lai4bright alluring glances of a beauty (idiom)
75明眸秀眉 míng móu xiù méiming2 mou2 xiu4 mei2shining eyes and slender eyebrows (idiom)
76明目张胆 明目張膽 míng zhāng dǎnming2 mu4 zhang1 dan3openly and without fear; brazenly
77明尼阿波利斯 míng ā Ming2 ni2 a1 bo1 li4 si1Minneapolis, a nameplace in the USA, notably in Minnesota
78明尼苏达 明尼蘇達 míng Ming2 ni2 su1 da2Minnesota, USA
79明尼苏达州 明尼蘇達州 míng zhōuMing2 ni2 su1 da2 zhou1Minnesota
80明铺暗盖 明鋪暗蓋 míng àn gàiming2 pu1 an4 gai4to be under covers in bed in plain view; to fornicate more or less openly with slight regard for public opinion (idiom)
81明弃暗取 明棄暗取 míng àn ming2 qi4 an4 qu3to give away openly and take in secretly (idiom)
82明枪暗箭 明槍暗箭 míng qiāng àn jiànming2 qiang1 an4 jian4overt and covert attack (idiom)
83明枪好躲,暗箭难防 明槍好躲,暗箭難防 míng qiāng hǎo duǒ , àn jiàn nán fángming2 qiang1 hao3 duo3 , an4 jian4 nan2 fang2lit. easy to dodge the spear in the open, hard to avoid a stab in the dark (idiom); it is hard to guard against secret conspiracies
84明枪交战 明槍交戰 míng qiāng jiāo zhànming2 qiang1 jiao1 zhan4to attack by overt means (idiom)
85明枪易躲,暗箭难防 明槍易躲,暗箭難防 míng qiāng duǒ , àn jiàn nán fángming2 qiang1 yi4 duo3 , an4 jian4 nan2 fang2lit. easy to dodge the spear in the open, hard to avoid a stab in the dark (idiom); it is hard to guard against secret conspiracies
86明渠 míng ming2 qu2(open, uncovered) water channel; canal
87明儿 明兒 míng rming2 r5(coll.) tomorrow; one of these days; some day
88明儿个 明兒個 míng r geming2 r5 ge5(coll.) tomorrow
89明仁 míng rénMing2 ren2Akihito, personal name of the Heisei 平成 emperor of Japan (1933-), reigned 1989-2019
90明人不做暗事 míng rén zuò àn shìming2 ren2 bu4 zuo4 an4 shi4an honest person does not act surreptitiously (idiom)
91明仁宗 míng rén zōngMing2 Ren2 zong1Ming Renzong, Temple name of fourth Ming emperor Zhu Gaochi 朱高炽
92明日 míng ming2 ri4tomorrow
93明日黄花 明日黃花 míng huáng huāming2 ri4 huang2 hua1lit. chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival (idiom); fig. outdated; thing of the past; dead letter
94明如秦镜 明如秦鏡 míng qín jìngming2 ru2 qin2 jing4to see clearly the rights and wrongs of the case (idiom)
95明山 míng shānMing2 shan1Mingshan district of Benxi city 本溪市 , Liaoning
96明山区 明山區 míng shān Ming2 shan1 qu1Mingshan district of Benxi city 本溪市 , Liaoning
97明升暗降 míng shēng àn jiàngming2 sheng1 an4 jiang4to ostensibly promote but actually demote; to kick sb. upstairs (idiom)
98明实录 明實錄 míng shí ming2 shi2 lu4annals of the Ming Dynasty 明朝 (1368-1644)
99明十三陵 míng shí sān língMing2 shi2 san1 ling2the Ming tombs (mausoleum park of the Ming emperors in Changping district of Beijing)
100明史 míng shǐMing2 shi3History of the Ming Dynasty, twenty fourth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史 in 1739 during the Qing Dynasty, 332 scrolls
101明示 míng shìming2 shi4to state explicitly; to clearly indicate
102明手 míng shǒuming2 shou3dummy (in bridge)
103明水 míng shuǐMing2 shui3Mingshui county in Suihua 绥化 , Heilongjiang
104明水县 明水縣 míng shuǐ xiànMing2 shui3 xian4Mingshui county in Suihua 绥化 , Heilongjiang
105明斯克 míng Ming2 si1 ke4Minsk, capital of Belarus
106明邃 míng suìming2 sui4glistening and piercing
107明太祖 míng tài Ming2 Tai4 zu3Ming Taizu, Temple name of first Ming emperor Hongwu 洪武
108明体 明體 míng ming2 ti3Mincho; Song font
109明天见 明天見 míng tiān jiànming2 tian1 jian4see you tomorrow; (coll., jocular) food that passes through the digestive system more or less intact (esp. enoki mushrooms)
110明天启 明天啟 míng tiān Ming2 Tian1 qi3Tianqi Emperor, reign name of fifteenth Ming emperor Zhu Youxiao 朱由校
111明文 míng wénming2 wen2to state in writing (laws, rules etc)
112明武宗 míng zōngMing2 Wu3 zong1Ming Wuzong, temple name of eleventh Ming emperor Zhengde 正德
113明晰 míng ming2 xi1Mingxi county in Sanming 三明 , Fujian; clear; well-defined; limpid
114明溪县 明溪縣 míng xiànMing2 xi1 xian4Mingxi county in Sanming 三明 , Fujian
115明熹宗 míng zōngMing2 Xi1 zong1Ming Xizong, Temple name of fifteenth Ming emperor Tianqi 明天启
116明细 明細 míng ming2 xi4clear and detailed; definite; details (are as follows:)
117明细表 明細表 míng biǎoming2 xi4 biao3schedule; subsidiary ledger; a detailed list
118明虾 明蝦 míng xiāming2 xia1prawn
119明孝陵 míng xiào língMing2 xiao4 ling2Ming tombs in Nanjing, tomb of founding Ming emperor Zhu Yuanzhang 朱元璋 , a World Heritage site
120明信片 míng xìn piànming2 xin4 pian4postcard
121明刑弼教 míng xíng jiàoming2 xing2 bi4 jiao4to integrate punishment with education (idiom)
122明修栈道,暗渡陈仓 明修棧道,暗渡陳倉 míng xiū zhàn dào , àn chén cāngming2 xiu1 zhan4 dao4 , an4 du4 Chen2 cang1lit. repair the plank road by day while secretly crossing the Wei River 渭河 of Chu); fig. to feign one thing while doing another; to cheat under cover of a diversion
123明修栈道暗渡陈仓 明修棧道暗渡陳倉 míng xiū zhàn dào àn chén cāngming2 xiu1 zhan4 dao4 an4 du2 Chen2 cang1lit. following the plank road as a feint while secretly crossing the Wei river 渭河 at Chencang (成语 saw, refers to a stratagem used by Liu Bang 劉邦 |刘邦 in 206 BC against Xiangyu 項羽 |项羽 of Chu); fig. fein one thing while doing another
124明宣宗 míng xuān zōngMing2 Xuan1 zong1Temple name of fifth Ming emperor Xuande 宣德
125明言 míng yánming2 yan2to say clearly; to argue clearly; to pronounce; pronounced
126明眼人 míng yǎn rénming2 yan3 ren2perspicacious person; sb with a discerning eye; sighted person (as opposed to blind)
127明艳照人 明艷照人 míng yàn zhào rénming2 yan4 zhao4 ren2to look bright and beautiful (idiom)
128明喻 míng ming2 yu4simile
129明月清风 明月清風 míng yuè qīng fēngming2 yue4 qing1 feng1see 清风明月
130明早 míng zǎoming2 zao3tomorrow morning; tomorrow
131明杖 míng zhàngming2 zhang4white cane (used by the blind)
132明哲保身 míng zhé bǎo shēnming2 zhe2 bao3 shen1a wise man looks after his own hide (idiom); to put one's own safety before matters of principle
133明争暗斗 明爭暗鬥 míng zhēng àn dòuming2 zheng1 an4 dou4to fight openly and maneuver covertly (idiom)
134明证 明證 míng zhèngming2 zheng4clear proof
135明知故犯 míng zhī fànming2 zhi1 gu4 fan4deliberate violation (idiom); intentional crime
136明知故问 明知故問 míng zhī wènming2 zhi1 gu4 wen4to ask a question, already knowing the answer
137明知山有虎,偏向虎山行 míng zhī shān yǒu , piān xiàng shān xíngming2 zhi1 shan1 you3 hu3 , pian1 xiang4 hu3 shan1 xing2lit. to willfully go towards the mountain although knowing that it has tigers (idiom); fig. to take a risk despite knowing the dangers
138明智 míng zhìming2 zhi4to demonstrate one's sincere convictions; Meiji, Japanese era name, corresponding to the reign (1868-1912) of the Meiji emperor; sensible; wise; judicious; sagacious
139明治维新 明治維新 míng zhì wéi xīnMing2 zhi4 Wei2 xin1Meiji Restoration (Japan, 1868)
140明智之举 明智之舉 míng zhì zhī ming2 zhi4 zhi1 ju3sensible act
141明珠 míng zhūming2 zhu1pearl; jewel (of great value)
142明珠暗投 míng zhū àn tóuming2 zhu1 an4 tou2to cast pearls before swine (idiom); not to get proper recognition for one's talents
143明子 míng ziming2 zi5see 松明

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