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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 chēngcheng1to support; to prop up; to push or move with a pole; to maintain; to open or unfurl; to fill to bursting point; brace; stay; support
2撑场面 撐場面 chēng chǎng miàncheng1 chang3 mian4to keep up appearances; to put up a front
3撑持 撐持 chēng chícheng1 chi2(fig.) to sustain; to shore up
4撑杆 撐杆 chēng gāncheng1 gan1a pole; a prop
5撑杆跳 撐桿跳 chēng gān tiàocheng1 gan1 tiao4pole-vaulting; also written 撑杆跳 ; pole-vaulting
6撑杆跳高 撐桿跳高 chēng gān tiào gāocheng1 gan1 tiao4 gao1pole vault; also written 撑杆跳高 ; pole-vaulting
7撑拒 撐拒 chēng cheng1 ju4to resist; to struggle; to sustain
8撑门面 撐門面 chēng mén miàncheng1 men2 mian4to keep up appearances; to put up a front
9撑破 撐破 chēng cheng1 po4to burst
10撑死 撐死 chēng cheng1 si3full to the point of bursting; (coll.) at most
11撑死胆大的,饿死胆小的 撐死膽大的,餓死膽小的 chēng dǎn de , è dǎn xiǎo decheng1 si3 dan3 da4 de5 , e4 si3 dan3 xiao3 de5fullness for the bold, famine for the timid (idiom)
12撑腰 撐腰 chēng yāocheng1 yao1to support; to brace

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