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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1形成 xíng chéngxing2 cheng2to form; to take shape
2形态 形態 xíng tàixing2 tai4shape; form; pattern; morphology
3形势 形勢 xíng shìxing2 shi4outer appearance; form; shape; formality; Classifiers: ; circumstances; situation; terrain; Classifiers:
4 xíngxing2to appear; to look; form; shape
5形状 形狀 xíng zhuàngxing2 zhuang4form; shape; Classifiers:
6形体 形體 xíng xing2 ti3figure; physique; form and structure
7形容 xíng róngxing2 rong2to describe; description; appearance; look
8形变 形變 xíng biànxing2 bian4deformation; bending
9形而上学 形而上學 xíng ér shàng xuéxing2 er2 shang4 xue2metaphysics
10形容词 形容詞 xíng róng xing2 rong2 ci2adjective; adjective
11形形色色 xíng xíng xing2 xing2 se4 se4all kinds of; all sorts of; every (different) kind of
12形式主义 形式主義 xíng shì zhǔ xing2 shi4 zhu3 yi4Formalism (art)
13形式化 xíng shì huàxing2 shi4 hua4formalization; formalized
14形成层 形成層 xíng chéng céngxing2 cheng2 ceng2vascular cambium (layer of tissue responsible for growth inside wood)
15形丑心善 形醜心善 xíng chǒu xīn shànxing2 chou3 xin1 shan4an ugly face may hide a virtuous heart (idiom)
16形单影只 形單影隻 xíng dān yǐng zhīxing2 dan1 ying3 zhi1lonely soul; solitary
17形格势禁 形格勢禁 xíng shì jìnxing2 ge2 shi4 jin4to have one's hands tied (idiom)
18形骸 xíng háixing2 hai2the human body; skeleton
19形核 xíng xing2 he2nucleation
20形婚 xíng hūnxing2 hun1sham marriage, esp. a marriage between a gay man and a lesbian arranged in response to parental expectations of a conventional marriage; abbr. for 形式婚姻
21形迹 形跡 xíng xing2 ji4manner; bearing; trace; mark; trail; etiquette
22形貌 xíng màoxing2 mao4appearance
23形旁 xíng pángxing2 pang2part of Chinese character indicating the meaning; also called significative or radical
24形容憔悴 xíng róng qiáo cuìxing2 rong2 qiao2 cui4wan-looking; thin and pallid (idiom)
25形容消瘦 xíng róng xiāo shòuxing2 rong2 xiao1 shou4to be gaunt and thin (idiom)
26形如槁木 xíng gǎo xing2 ru2 gao3 mu4thin and emaciated (idiom)
27形色仓皇 形色倉皇 xíng cāng huángxing2 se4 cang1 huang2to look anxious and fearful; to appear in a big hurry to get away (idiom)
28形上 xíng shàngxing2 shang4metaphysics
29形神 xíng shénxing2 shen2body and soul; physical and spiritual; material form and internal spirit
30形声 形聲 xíng shēngxing2 sheng1ideogram plus phonetic (one of the Six Methods 六书 of forming Chinese characters); also known as phonogram, phonetic compound or picto-phonetic character
31形声字 形聲字 xíng shēng xing2 sheng1 zi4radical plus phonetic (one of the Six Methods 六书 of forming Chinese characters); also known as phonogram, phonetic compound or picto-phonetic character
32形胜 形勝 xíng shèngxing2 sheng4advantageous; strategic (position)
33形式程度 xíng shì chéng xing2 shi4 cheng2 du4degree of formality (linguistics)
34形势险要 形勢險要 xíng shì xiǎn yàoxing2 shi4 xian3 yao4strategically important terrain (idiom)
35形势严峻 形勢嚴峻 xíng shì yán jùnxing2 shi4 yan2 jun4in grave difficulties; the situation is grim
36形似 xíng xing2 si4similar in shape and appearance
37形态发生素 形態發生素 xíng tài shēng xing2 tai4 fa1 sheng1 su4morphogen
38形态学 形態學 xíng tài xuéxing2 tai4 xue2morphology (in biology or linguistics)
39形同 xíng tóngxing2 tong2tantamount to; to be like
40形同陌路 xíng tóng xing2 tong2 mo4 lu4to be estranged
41形同虚设 形同虛設 xíng tóng shèxing2 tong2 xu1 she4to exist in name only; empty shell; useless (idiom)
42形像 xíng xiàngxing2 xiang4image; form; figure; Classifiers: ; visualization; vivid; form; image
43形象大使 xíng xiàng shǐxing2 xiang4 da4 shi3person who represents an organization and enhances its image; ambassador
44形象艺术 形象藝術 xíng xiàng shùxing2 xiang4 yi4 shu4visual arts
45形销骨立 形銷骨立 xíng xiāo xing2 xiao1 gu3 li4emaciated (idiom)
46形译 形譯 xíng xing2 yi4derivation of a Chinese loanword from Japanese by using the same characters (or variants) but applying Chinese pronunciation (e.g. 场合 , derived from Japanese 場合 , pronounced "ba'ai")
47形意拳 xíng quánXing2 yi4 quan2Xingyiquan (Chinese martial art)
48形影不离 形影不離 xíng yǐng xing2 ying3 bu4 li2inseparable (as form and shadow)
49形影相吊 形影相弔 xíng yǐng xiāng diàoxing2 ying3 xiang1 diao4with only body and shadow to comfort each other (idiom); extremely sad and lonely
50形影相随 形影相隨 xíng yǐng xiāng suíxing2 ying3 xiang1 sui2lit. body and shadow follow each other (idiom); fig. inseparable
51形于辞色 形於辭色 xíng xing2 yu2 ci2 se4to show in one's words and expression (idiom)
52形于色 形於色 xíng xing2 yu2 se4to show one's feelings; to show it in one's face
53形制 xíng zhìxing2 zhi4form; structure; design; form; shape; structure; design
54形踪诡秘 形蹤詭秘 xíng zōng guǐ xing2 zong1 gui3 mi4of dubious background; secret in one's movements (idiom)
55形左实右 形左實右 xíng zuǒ shí yòuxing2 zuo3 shi2 you4"Left" in form but "Right" in essence (politics) (idiom)

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