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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1分析 fēn fen1 xi1to analyze; analysis; Classifiers:
2 fēnfen1to divide; to separate; to distribute; to allocate; to distinguish (good and bad); part or subdivision; fraction; one tenth (of certain units); unit of length equivalent to 0.33 cm; minute (unit of time); minute (angular measurement unit); a point (in sports or games); 0.01 yuan (unit of money)
3分子 fēn fen1 zi3molecule; (math) numerator of a fraction
4分布 分佈 fēn fen1 bu4branch; subsection; to subdivide; to scatter; to distribute; to be distributed (over an area etc); (statistical, geographic) distribution
5分之 fēn zhīfen1 zhi1branch; branch (of company, river etc); to branch; to diverge; to ramify; to subdivide; (indicating a fraction)
6分配 fēn pèifen1 pei4to distribute; to assign; to allocate; to partition (a hard drive)
7分为 分為 fēn wéifen1 wei2to divide sth into (parts); to subdivide
8分别 分別 fēn biéfen1 bie2to part or leave each other; to distinguish; difference; in different ways; differently; separately or individually
9分钟 分鐘 fēn zhōngfen1 zhong1minute
10分离 分離 fēn fen1 li2to separate
11分解 fēn jiěfen1 jie3to resolve; to decompose; to break down
12分类 分類 fēn lèifen1 lei4classification
13分化 fēn huàfen1 hua4to split apart; differentiation
14分工 fēn gōngfen1 gong1to divide up the work; division of labor
15分成 fēn chéngfen1 cheng2to divide (into); to split a bonus; to break into; tenths; percentage allotment
16分泌 fēn fen1 mi4to secrete; secretion
17分散 fēn sànfen1 san4to scatter; to disperse; to distribute
18分开 分開 fēn kāifen1 kai1to separate; to part
19分量 fēn liàngfen1 liang4(vector) component
20分割 fēn fen1 ge1to cut up; to break up
21分明 fēn míngfen1 ming2clear; distinct; evidently; clearly
22分歧 fēn fen1 qi2divergent; difference (of opinion, position); disagreement; bifurcation (math.)
23分辨 fēn biànfen1 bian4to explain the facts; to defend against an accusation; to distinguish; to differentiate; to resolve
24分子式 fēn shìfen1 zi3 shi4molecular formula
25分给 分給 fēn gěifen1 gei3to divide (and give to others)
26分手 fēn shǒufen1 shou3to part company; to split up; to break up
27分清 fēn qīngfen1 qing1to distinguish (between different things); to make distinctions clear
28分数 分數 fēn shùfen1 shu4(exam) grade; mark; score; fraction
29分析法 fēn fen1 xi1 fa3the analytic method; analytic reasoning
30分子量 fēn liàngfen1 zi3 liang4molecular mass
31分期 fēn fen1 qi1by stages; staggered; step by step; in installments
32分层 分層 fēn céngfen1 ceng2lamination; layering; stratification; delamination
33分级 分級 fēn fen1 ji2to rank; to grade; to classify; rank; grade; classification
34分担 分擔 fēn dānfen1 dan1to share (a burden, a cost, a responsibility)
35分享 fēn xiǎngfen1 xiang3to share (let others have some of sth good)
36分家 fēn jiāfen1 jia1to separate and live apart; division of a large family into smaller groups
37分寸 fēn cunfen1 cun5propriety; appropriate behavior; proper speech or action; within the norms
38分头 分頭 fēn tóufen1 tou2separately; severally; parted hair
39分娩 fēn miǎnfen1 mian3labor; parturition; delivery
40分队 分隊 fēn duìfen1 dui4military platoon or squad
41分组 分組 fēn fen1 zu3to divide into groups; (computer networking) packet
42分班 fēn bānfen1 ban1to divide people into groups, teams, squads etc
43分包 fēn bāofen1 bao1to subcontract
44分贝 分貝 fēn bèifen1 bei4decibel
45分崩离析 分崩離析 fēn bēng fen1 beng1 li2 xi1to collapse and fall apart (idiom); to break up; falling to pieces
46分辨率 fēn biàn fen1 bian4 lu:4resolution (of images, monitors, scanners etc)
47分别所有 分別所有 fēn bié suǒ yòufen1 bie2 suo3 you4to separate possession (idiom)
48分兵进攻 分兵進攻 fēn bīng jìn gōngfen1 bing1 jin4 gong1to divide forces and attack (idiom)
49分波多工 fēn duō gōngfen1 bo1 duo1 gong1wavelength division multiplexing; WDM
50分布控制 分佈控制 fēn kòng zhìfen1 bu4 kong4 zhi4distributed control
51分布式 分佈式 fēn shìfen1 bu4 shi4distributed
52分布式环境 分佈式環境 fēn shì huán jìngfen1 bu4 shi4 huan2 jing4distributed environment (computing)
53分布式结构 分佈式結構 fēn shì jié gòufen1 bu4 shi4 jie2 gou4distributed architecture
54分布式拒绝服务 分佈式拒絕服務 fēn shì jué fen1 bu4 shi4 ju4 jue2 fu2 wu4distributed denial of service (DDOS) form of Internet attack
55分布式网络 分佈式網絡 fēn shì wǎng luòfen1 bu4 shi4 wang3 luo4distributed network
56分布图 分佈圖 fēn fen1 bu4 tu2scatter diagram; distribution chart; histogram; scatter diagram; distribution chart; histogram
57分步骤 分步驟 fēn zhòufen1 bu4 zhou4step by step; one step at a time
58分餐 fēn cānfen1 can1separate meals; to eat individual meals (rather than taking one's food from plates served to everyone at the table)
59分册 分冊 fēn fen1 ce4volume (one of a series); fascicule
60分叉 fēn chàfen1 cha4bifurcation; fork; bifurcation; to divide
61分岔理论 分岔理論 fēn chà lùnfen1 cha4 li3 lun4bifurcation theory
62分词 分詞 fēn fen1 ci2participle; word segmentation
63分词连写 分詞連寫 fēn lián xiěfen1 ci2 lian2 xie3to divide (text) by words and write (syllables) connectedly; segmentation of text; word spacing; word separation (linguistics)
64分道扬镳 分道揚鑣 fēn dào yáng biāofen1 dao4 yang2 biao1lit. to take different roads and urge the horses on (idiom); fig. to part ways
65分点 分點 fēn diǎnfen1 dian3point of division
66分店 fēn diànfen1 dian4branch (of a chain store); annex
67分掉 fēn diàofen1 diao4to share; to divide up
68分度 fēn fen1 du4graduation (of a measuring instrument)
69分段 fēn duànfen1 duan4segment
70分而治之 fēn ér zhì zhīfen1 er2 zhi4 zhi1divide and rule (strategy); divide and conquer
71分发 分發 fēn fen1 fa1to distribute; distribution; to assign (sb) to a job
72分房 fēn fángfen1 fang2to sleep in separate rooms; distribution of social housing
73分封 fēn fēngfen1 feng1to divide and confer (property on one's descendants)
74分封制 fēn fēng zhìfen1 feng1 zhi4the feudal system; system of enfeoffment
75分缝 分縫 fēn fèngfen1 feng4part (in one's hair)
76分付 fēn fen1 fu4variant of 吩咐
77分甘共苦 fēn gān gòng fen1 gan1 gong4 ku3to go through thick and thin together (idiom)
78分割区 分割區 fēn fen1 ge1 qu1partition (computing)
79分隔 fēn fen1 ge2to divide; to separate; partition
80分公司 fēn gōng fen1 gong1 si1subsidiary company; branch office
81分管 fēn guǎnfen1 guan3to be put in charge of; to be responsible for; branched passage
82分光 fēn guāngfen1 guang1diffraction (of light)
83分锅 分鍋 fēn guōfen1 guo1(dialect) to set up separate households; (sports etc) to analyze the reasons for a defeat
84分行 fēn hángfen1 hang2branch of bank or store; subsidiary bank
85分毫 fēn háofen1 hao2fraction; slightest difference; hairsbreadth
86分毫之差 fēn háo zhī chāfen1 hao2 zhi1 cha1hairsbreadth difference
87分号 分號 fēn hàofen1 hao4semicolon (punct.)
88分洪 fēn hóngfen1 hong2dividend; to award a bonus; to separate flood; flood defense
89分会 分會 fēn huìfen1 hui4branch
90分会场 分會場 fēn huì chǎngfen1 hui4 chang3sub-venues
91分机 分機 fēn fen1 ji1(telephone) extension; Classifiers:
92分疆画界 分疆畫界 fēn jiāng huà jièfen1 jiang1 hua4 jie4to mark boundaries (idiom)
93分角器 fēn jiǎo fen1 jiao3 qi4a protractor (device to divide angles)
94分节 分節 fēn jiéfen1 jie2segmented
95分解代谢 分解代謝 fēn jiě dài xièfen1 jie3 dai4 xie4catabolism (biology); metabolic breaking down and waste disposal; dissimilation
96分解作用 fēn jiě zuò yòngfen1 jie3 zuo4 yong4decomposition
97分界线 分界線 fēn jiè xiànfen1 jie4 xian4dividing line
98分斤掰两 分斤掰兩 fēn jīn bāi liǎngfen1 jin1 bai1 liang3to pinch pennies; to niggle (idiom)
99分进合击 分進合擊 fēn jìn fen1 jin4 he2 ji1to advance separately and attack jointly (military) (idiom)
100分久必合,合久必分 fēn jiǔ , jiǔ fēnfen1 jiu3 bi4 he2 , he2 jiu3 bi4 fen1lit. that which is long divided must unify, and that which is long unified must divide (idiom, from 三国演义 ); fig. things are constantly changing
101分居 fēn fen1 ju1to separate (married couple); to live apart (of husband and wife, family members)
102分局 fēn fen1 ju2sub-bureau
103分句 fēn fen1 ju4clause (in European grammar)
104分克 fēn fen1 ke4decigram
105分类理论 分類理論 fēn lèi lùnfen1 lei4 li3 lun4classification theory
106分类学 分類學 fēn lèi xuéfen1 lei4 xue2taxonomy; taxology; systematics
107分类帐 分類帳 fēn lèi zhàngfen1 lei4 zhang4a ledger; a spreadsheet
108分离分子 分離份子 fēn fèn fen1 li2 fen4 zi3separatist
109分离主义 分離主義 fēn zhǔ fen1 li2 zhu3 yi4separatism
110分立 fēn fen1 li4component force (physics); to establish as separate entities; to divide (a company etc) into independent entities; discrete; separate; separation (of powers etc)
111分列 fēn lièfen1 lie4to split up; to divide; to break up; fission; schism; to divide into rows; to identify subcategories; to break down into constituent parts; breakdown; disaggregation
112分裂情感性障碍 分裂情感性障礙 fēn liè qíng gǎn xìng zhàng àifen1 lie4 qing2 gan3 xing4 zhang4 ai4schizoaffective disorder
113分裂主义 分裂主義 fēn liè zhǔ fen1 lie4 zhu3 yi4separatism
114分裂组织 分裂組織 fēn liè zhīfen1 lie4 zu3 zhi1separatist organization; meristem (botany)
115分流 fēn liúfen1 liu2fractional distillation; bypass
116分流电路 分流電路 fēn liú diàn fen1 liu2 dian4 lu4shunt circuit; current divider (electronics)
117分录 分錄 fēn fen1 lu4entry (accounting)
118分袂 fēn mèifen1 mei4to leave each other; to part company
119分门别类 分門別類 fēn mén bié lèifen1 men2 bie2 lei4to organize by categories; to classify
120分米 fēn fen1 mi3decimeter
121分泌颗粒 分泌顆粒 fēn fen1 mi4 ke1 li4secretory granule
122分泌物 fēn fen1 mi4 wu4secretion
123分秒必争 分秒必爭 fēn miǎo zhēngfen1 miao3 bi4 zheng1seize every minute and second (idiom); not a minute to lose; every moment counts
124分母 fēn fen1 mu3denominator of a fraction
125分蘖 分櫱 fēn nièfen1 nie4tiller (stem at the base of grass plants)
126分派 fēn pàifen1 pai4to assign (a task to different people); to allocate
127分配律 fēn pèi fen1 pei4 lu:4distributivity
128分配器 fēn pèi fen1 pei4 qi4dispenser (for consumables such as liquid soap); splitter (for cable TV signal etc)
129分批 fēn fen1 pi1to do sth in batches or groups
130分频 分頻 fēn pínfen1 pin2frequency sharing; subdivision of radio waveband
131分期付款 fēn kuǎnfen1 qi1 fu4 kuan3to pay in installments; payment in installments
132分歧点 分歧點 fēn diǎnfen1 qi2 dian3branch point; division point
133分钱 分錢 fēn qiánfen1 qian2cent; penny
134分清是非 fēn qīng shì fēifen1 qing1 shi4 fei1to distinguish right from wrong (idiom)
135分区 分區 fēn fen1 qu1allocated area (for housing, industry etc); district
136分权 分權 fēn quánfen1 quan2separation of powers
137分权制衡 分權制衡 fēn quán zhì héngfen1 quan2 zhi4 heng2separation of powers for checks and balances
138分散的策略 fēn sàn de lüèfen1 san4 de5 ce4 lu:e4diffused strategy
139分散式 fēn sàn shìfen1 san4 shi4distributed
140分散注意 fēn sàn zhù fen1 san4 zhu4 yi4to distract
141分散注意力 fēn sàn zhù fen1 san4 zhu4 yi4 li4to distract; to divert the attention
142分色 fēn fen1 se4color separation
143分色镜头 分色鏡頭 fēn jìng tóufen1 se4 jing4 tou2process lens (working by color separation)
144分社 fēn shèfen1 she4to set up separately; to establish separate units; subdivision or branch of an organization; news bureau
145分身 fēn shēnfen1 shen1to spare time for a separate task; doppelgänger; sockpuppet (Internet slang)
146分身乏术 分身乏術 fēn shēn shùfen1 shen1 fa2 shu4to be up to one's ears in work (idiom); to be unable to attend to other things at the same time
147分神 fēn shénfen1 shen2to give attention to sth; please give (some of your valuable) attention to my task; to be distracted
148分神不暇 fēn shén xiáfen1 shen2 bu4 xia2to be unable to be in two places at the same time (idiom)
149分升 fēn shēngfen1 sheng1deciliter
150分生组织 分生組織 fēn shēng zhīfen1 sheng1 zu3 zhi1meristem
151分时 分時 fēn shífen1 shi2time-sharing
152分时多工 分時多工 fēn shí duō gōngfen1 shi2 duo1 gong1time division multiplexing; TDM
153分手代理 fēn shǒu dài fen1 shou3 dai4 li3"break-up agent", person who acts for sb who wishes to terminate a relationship but does not have the heart to do so
154分属 分屬 fēn shǔfen1 shu3classification
155分数挂帅 分數掛帥 fēn shù guà shuàifen1 shu4 gua4 shuai4preoccupied with school grades; overemphasis on test scores
156分数线 分數線 fēn shù xiànfen1 shu4 xian4horizontal line (in a fraction); minimum passing score
157分水岭 分水嶺 fēn shuǐ lǐngfen1 shui3 ling3dividing range; drainage divide; (fig.) dividing line; watershed
158分水线 分水線 fēn shuǐ xiànfen1 shui3 xian4watershed
159分说 分說 fēn shuōfen1 shuo1to explain (the difference)
160分送 fēn sòngfen1 song4to send; to distribute
161分诉 分訴 fēn fen1 su4to narrate; to explain; to justify oneself
162分所 fēn suǒfen1 suo3branch (of a company etc)
163分所应为 分所應為 fēn suǒ yīng wéifen1 suo3 ying1 wei2what duty demands (idiom)
164分摊 分攤 fēn tānfen1 tan1to share (costs, responsibilities); to apportion
165分桃 fēn táofen1 tao2homosexual
166分庭抗礼 分庭抗禮 fēn tíng kàng fen1 ting2 kang4 li3peer competition; to function as rivals; to make claims as an equal
167分头路 分頭路 fēn tóu fen1 tou2 lu4part (in one's hair)
168分瓦 fēn fen1 wa3deciwatt
169分文 fēn wénfen1 wen2a single penny; a single cent
170分文不取 fēn wén fen1 wen2 bu4 qu3to give for free
171分文不值 fēn wén zhífen1 wen2 bu4 zhi2worthless (idiom)
172分我杯羹 fēn bēi gēngfen1 wo3 bei1 geng1to take a share in sth. (idiom)
173分析处理 分析處理 fēn chǔ fen1 xi1 chu3 li3to parse; analysis processing; to analyze and treat
174分析化学 分析化學 fēn huà xuéfen1 xi1 hua4 xue2analytical chemistry
175分析家 fēn jiāfen1 xi1 jia1(political) analyst
176分析器 fēn fen1 xi1 qi4analyzer
177分析人士 fēn rén shìfen1 xi1 ren2 shi4analyst; expert
178分析师 分析師 fēn shīfen1 xi1 shi1analyst; commentator
179分析心理学 分析心理學 fēn xīn xuéfen1 xi1 xin1 li3 xue2analytical psychology; Jungian psychology
180分析学 分析學 fēn xuéfen1 xi1 xue2mathematical analysis; calculus
181分析研究 fēn yán jiūfen1 xi1 yan2 jiu1analysis; research
182分析语 分析語 fēn fen1 xi1 yu3analytic language
183分析员 分析員 fēn yuánfen1 xi1 yuan2analyst (e.g. of news)
184分系统 分系統 fēn tǒngfen1 xi4 tong3subsystem
185分相 fēn xiàngfen1 xiang4sub-item (of program); split phase (elec.)
186分销 分銷 fēn xiāofen1 xiao1distribution; retail store
187分销店 分銷店 fēn xiāo diànfen1 xiao1 dian4retail store
188分销商 分銷商 fēn xiāo shāngfen1 xiao1 shang1distributor
189分销网络 分銷網絡 fēn xiāo wǎng luòfen1 xiao1 wang3 luo4distribution network
190分晓 分曉 fēn xiǎofen1 xiao3the result (becomes apparent); now one understands
191分校 fēn xiàofen1 xiao4branch of a school
192分心 fēn xīnfen1 xin1to distract
193分星掰两 分星掰兩 fēn xīng bāi liǎngfen1 xing1 bai1 liang3punctilious; clear and detailed
194分形 fēn xíngfen1 xing2fractal
195分形几何 分形幾何 fēn xíng fen1 xing2 ji3 he2fractal geometry
196分形几何学 分形幾何學 fēn xíng xuéfen1 xing2 ji3 he2 xue2fractal geometry
197分巡兵备道 分巡兵備道 fēn xún bīng bèi dàoFen1 xun2 Bing1 Bei4 dao4Qing Dynasty General Supervisory and Military Command
198分野 fēn fen1 ye3dividing line between distinct realms; boundary; field-allocation (in Chinese astrology, the association between celestial regions and corresponding terrestrial realms)
199分页 分頁 fēn fen1 ye4tab window (in a web browser etc); paging; pagination; page break (computing)
200分业分工 分業分工 fēn fēn gōngfen1 ye4 fen1 gong1division of labor and lines of work (idiom)
201分宜 fēn Fen1 yi2Fenyi county in Xinyu 新余 , Jiangxi
202分宜县 分宜縣 fēn xiànFen1 yi2 xian4Fenyi county in Xinyu 新余 , Jiangxi
203分异 分異 fēn fen1 yi4distinction; differentiation
204分音符 fēn yīn fen1 yin1 fu2dieresis; umlaut; diacritical mark separating two adjacent syllables
205分忧 分憂 fēn yōufen1 you1to share tribulations; to help sb with worries and difficulties
206分忧解愁 分憂解愁 fēn yōu jiě chóufen1 you1 jie3 chou2to share and relieve sb.'s worries (idiom)
207分忧解劳 分憂解勞 fēn yōu jiě láofen1 you1 jie3 lao2A trouble shared is a trouble halved. (idiom)
208分赃 分贓 fēn zāngfen1 zang1to share the booty; to divide ill-gotten gains
209分灶吃饭 分竈吃飯 fēn zào chī fànfen1 zao4 chi1 fan4"meals prepared at separate stoves", slogan of the program of fiscal decentralization that began in the 1980s in the PRC
210分站 fēn zhànfen1 zhan4substation
211分账 分賬 fēn zhàngfen1 zhang4to share profits (or debt)
212分针 分針 fēn zhēnfen1 zhen1minute hand (of a clock)
213分争 分爭 fēn zhēngfen1 zheng1to dispute; to struggle for mastery
214分支机关 分支機關 fēn zhī guānfen1 zhi1 ji1 guan1branch office
215分之一 fēn zhī fen1 zhi1 yi1(indicating fraction)
216分治 fēn zhìfen1 zhi4separate government; partition
217分至点 分至點 fēn zhì diǎnfen1 zhi4 dian3common word for equinox and solstice; point of difference; point of divergence
218分装 分裝 fēn zhuāngfen1 zhuang1to divide into portions; to package in smaller quantities; to separate into loads
219分装机 分裝機 fēn zhuāng fen1 zhuang1 ji1racking machine; filling machine
220分子化合物 fēn huà fen1 zi3 hua4 he2 wu4molecular biology
221分子料理 fēn liào fen1 zi3 liao4 li3molecular gastronomy
222分子筛 分子篩 fēn shāifen1 zi3 shai1molecular sieve
223分子生物学 分子生物學 fēn shēng xuéfen1 zi3 sheng1 wu4 xue2molecular biology
224分子医学 分子醫學 fēn xuéfen1 zi3 yi1 xue2molecular medicine
225分子遗传学 分子遺傳學 fēn chuán xuéfen1 zi3 yi2 chuan2 xue2molecular genetics
226分子杂交 分子雜交 fēn jiāofen1 zi3 za2 jiao1molecular hybridization
227分组交换 分組交換 fēn jiāo huànfen1 zu3 jiao1 huan4packet switching
228分租 fēn fen1 zu1(of a landlord) to rent out one or more parts of a property; (of a tenant) to sublet one or more parts of a property; (agriculture) sharecropping

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