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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 liàngliang4bright; clear; resonant; to shine; to show; to reveal
2亮光 liàng guāngliang4 guang1light; beam of light; gleam of light; light reflected from an object
3亮相 liàng xiàngliang4 xiang4to strike a pose (Chinese opera); (fig.) to make a public appearance; to come out in public (revealing one's true personality, opinions etc); (of a product) to appear on the market or at a trade show etc
4亮氨酸 liàng ān suānliang4 an1 suan1leucine (Leu), an essential amino acid
5亮彩 liàng cǎiliang4 cai3a bright color; sparkle; shine; glitter
6亮出 liàng chūliang4 chu1to suddenly reveal; to flash (one's ID, a banknote etc)
7亮底牌 liàng páiliang4 di3 pai2to show one's hand; to lay one's cards on the table
8亮点 亮點 liàng diǎnliang4 dian3highlight; bright spot
9亮度 liàng liang4 du4brightness
10亮黄灯 亮黃燈 liàng huáng dēngliang4 huang2 deng1(lit.) to flash the yellow light; (fig.) to give a warning sign
11亮晶晶 liàng jīng jīngliang4 jing1 jing1gleaming; glistening
12亮菌 liàng jūnliang4 jun1Armillariella tabescens (mushroom used in trad. Chinese medicine)
13亮菌甲素 liàng jūn jiǎ liang4 jun1 jia3 su4armillarisin (fungal enzyme used as antibiotic)
14亮蓝 亮藍 liàng lánliang4 lan2bright blue
15亮丽 亮麗 liàng liang4 li4bright and beautiful
16亮闪闪 亮閃閃 liàng shǎn shǎnliang4 shan3 shan3bright
17亮饰 亮飾 liàng shìliang4 shi4diamanté
18亮堂 liàng tángliang4 tang2bright; clear
19亮堂堂 liàng táng tángliang4 tang2 tang2very bright; well-lit
20亮星 liàng xīngliang4 xing1bright star
21亮星云 亮星雲 liàng xīng yúnliang4 xing1 yun2emission nebula
22亮锃锃 亮鋥鋥 liàng zèng zèngliang4 zeng4 zeng4polished to a shine; shiny; glistening

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