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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1严重 嚴重 yán zhòngyan2 zhong4grave; serious; severe; critical
2严格 嚴格 yán yan2 ge2strict; stringent; tight; rigorous
3严肃 嚴肅 yán yan2 su4solemn; grave; serious; earnest; severe
4 yánYan2tight (closely sealed); stern; strict; rigorous; severe; father; surname Yan
5严密 嚴密 yán yan2 mi4strict; tight (organization, surveillance etc)
6严厉 嚴厲 yán yan2 li4severe; strict
7严峻 嚴峻 yán jùnyan2 jun4tight; strict; severe; stern; difficult; grim; severe; rigorous
8严寒 嚴寒 yán hányan2 han2bitter cold; severe winter
9严禁 嚴禁 yán jìnyan2 jin4to strictly prohibit
10严把 嚴把 yán yan2 ba3to be strict; to enforce vigorously (procedures, quality control etc)
11严查 嚴查 yán cháyan2 cha2to investigate strictly
12严惩 嚴懲 yán chéngyan2 cheng2to punish severely
13严惩不贷 嚴懲不貸 yán chéng dàiyan2 cheng2 bu4 dai4to punish severely (idiom)
14严斥 嚴斥 yán chìyan2 chi4careful; precise; to scold; to censure
15严慈 嚴慈 yán yan2 ci2stern words; forceful (criticism etc); to use strong words; strict and compassionate; strict as a father and tender as a mother
16严打 嚴打 yán yan2 da3to crack down on; to take severe measures against
17严岛 嚴島 yán dǎoYan2 dao3Itsukushima island in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan, with a famous shrine
18严岛神社 嚴島神社 yán dǎo shén shèYan2 dao3 shen2 she4Itsukujima shrine in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan
19严冬 嚴冬 yán dōngyan2 dong1severe winter
20严冬腊月 嚴冬臘月 yán dōng yuèyan2 dong1 la4 yue4the middle of a bitterly cold winter (idiom)
21严而不苛 嚴而不苛 yán ér yan2 er2 bu4 ke1strict but not harsh (idiom)
22严防 嚴防 yán fángyan2 fang2to take strict precautions; on your guard
23严复 嚴復 yán Yan2 Fu4strict or stern father; Yan Fu (1853-1921), influential Chinese writer and translator of Western books, esp. on social sciences
24严格隔离 嚴格隔離 yán yan2 ge2 ge2 li2rigorous isolation
25严格来讲 嚴格來講 yán lái jiǎngyan2 ge2 lai2 jiang3strictly speaking
26严格来说 嚴格來說 yán lái shuōyan2 ge2 lai2 shuo1strictly speaking
27严寒酷暑 嚴寒酷暑 yán hán shǔyan2 han2 ku4 shu3bitter cold or torrid heat (idiom)
28严加 嚴加 yán jiāyan2 jia1sternly; strictly; harshly; stringently; rigorously
29严加批驳 嚴加批駁 yán jiā yan2 jia1 pi1 bo2to refute sternly (idiom)
30严紧 嚴緊 yán jǐnyan2 jin3rigorous; strict; careful; cautious; compact; well-knit; strict; tight
31严苛 嚴苛 yán yan2 ke1severe; harsh
32严酷 嚴酷 yán yan2 ku4bitter; harsh; grim; ruthless; severe; cut-throat (competition)
33严了眼儿 嚴了眼兒 yán le yǎn ryan2 le5 yan3 r5up to the eyeballs; full to overflowing; jampacked
34严厉打击 嚴厲打擊 yán yan2 li4 da3 ji1to strike a severe blow; to crack down; to take strong measures
35严厉批评 嚴厲批評 yán píngyan2 li4 pi1 ping2to criticize severely; to slate
36严脸绷腮 嚴臉繃腮 yán liǎn bēng sāiyan2 lian3 beng1 sai1tight; close; narrow (idiom)
37严明 嚴明 yán míngyan2 ming2strict and impartial; firm
38严明军纪 嚴明軍紀 yán míng jūn yan2 ming2 jun1 ji4to enforce and maintain strict military discipline (idiom)
39严声喝问 嚴聲喝問 yán shēng wènyan2 sheng1 he4 wen4to snap out one's questions (idiom)
40严师诤友 嚴師諍友 yán shī zhèng yǒuyan2 shi1 zheng4 you3a strict teacher and a friend who will give unpalatable advice (idiom)
41严实 嚴實 yán shiyan2 shi5(sealed) tight; close; (hidden) safely; securely
42严实合缝 嚴實合縫 yán shi fèngyan2 shi5 he2 feng4tightly sealed (idiom)
43严守 嚴守 yán shǒuyan2 shou3to strictly maintain
44严丝合缝 嚴絲合縫 yán fèngyan2 si1 he2 feng4to fit tightly (idiom); to join seamlessly; to fit snugly
45严刑 嚴刑 yán xíngyan2 xing2strict law; cruel punishment; to carry out cruel law rigorously
46严刑不招 嚴刑不招 yán xíng zhāoyan2 xing2 bu4 zhao1to deny flatly, even under torture (idiom)
47严刑峻法 嚴刑峻法 yán xíng jùn yan2 xing2 jun4 fa3draconian law (idiom)
48严刑拷打 嚴刑拷打 yán xíng kǎo yan2 xing2 kao3 da3torture; interrogation by torture
49严严实实 嚴嚴實實 yán yán shí shíyan2 yan2 shi2 shi2(sealed) tightly; (wrapped) closely; (covered) completely
50严以责己宽以待人 嚴以責己寬以待人 yán kuān dài rényan2 yi3 ze2 ji3 kuan1 yi3 dai4 ren2to be severe with oneself and lenient with others (idiom)
51严于律己 嚴於律己 yán yan2 yu2 lu:4 ji3to be strict with oneself
52严阵以待 嚴陣以待 yán zhèn dàiyan2 zhen4 yi3 dai4to remain in combat readiness; to be all geared up (idiom)
53严整 嚴整 yán zhěngyan2 zheng3(of troops) in neat formation; (fig.) orderly
54严正 嚴正 yán zhèngyan2 zheng4sternly; solemn
55严重关切 嚴重關切 yán zhòng guān qièyan2 zhong4 guan1 qie4serious concern
56严重后果 嚴重後果 yán zhòng hòu guǒyan2 zhong4 hou4 guo3grave consequence; serious repercussion
57严重急性呼吸系统综合症 嚴重急性呼吸系統綜合症 yán zhòng xìng tǒng zōng zhèngyan2 zhong4 ji2 xing4 hu1 xi1 xi4 tong3 zong1 he2 zheng4severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
58严重破坏 嚴重破壞 yán zhòng huàiyan2 zhong4 po4 huai4serious damage
59严重危害 嚴重危害 yán zhòng wēi hàiyan2 zhong4 wei1 hai4severe harm; critical danger
60严重问题 嚴重問題 yán zhòng wèn yan2 zhong4 wen4 ti2serious problem
61严重性 嚴重性 yán zhòng xìngyan2 zhong4 xing4seriousness

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