Chinese Course - Learn Mandarin Grade 1 Set 3 (2 books + 6 cassettes)

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Language: English, Simplified Chinese Characters & Pinyin
Format: 2 books + 6 cassettes
Page: 264;305
Publication Date: 08/1999
ISBN: 7561907648;7561907656

Published by China's Beijing Language University, which prominently noted for teaching non-native Chinese speakers to learn the Chinese language, has used its nearly 30 years of teaching experience to develop and write the ''Learn Mandarin'' series of textbooks. The series teaches skills in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, written, spoken, and listening comprehension, and more. 


Set 3 of the series includes 40 lessons that teach more advanced Chinese such as taking a Hutong Tour in Beijing, Internet classes, visiting the doctor, understanding idioms, reading poems, and more! Text is written in simplified Chinese, Pinyin, and English for added learning value.

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Chinese Course - Learn Mandarin Grade 1 Set 3 (2 books + 6 cassettes)