Vocabulary List for Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series: Level 1: 300 Word Level:Left and Right: I Really Want to Find Her.. (50 words)

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IDChinesePinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChinesePinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1教授 jiào shòujiao4 shou4professor
2 pāipai1take pictures
3以后 hòuyi3 hou4after, later, in the future
4生病 shēng bìngsheng1 bing4fall ill
5去世 shìqu4 shi4die, pass away
6 shānshan1hill, mountain
7 hu2lake
8别的 bié debie2 de5else, other
9事情 shì qingshi4 qing5thing, matter
10 xiàoxiao4smile, laugh
11学校 xué xiàoxue2 xiao4school
12放假 fàng jiàfang4 jia4be on holidays or vacation
13那么 mena4 me5so, so much
14 cáicai2not… until (implying late)
15 yaya5 = 啊 a mood particle
16去年 niánqu4 nian2last year
17哎呀 āi ai1 ya1expressing surprise or amazement, or perplexity
18 bànban4do, handle, tackle
19 měimei3every, each
20要是 yào shiyao4 shi5if, suppose, in case