Chinese Arts & Letters 2016

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Table of Contents
Editor’S Note
Featured Author:Lu Min(鲁敏)
·Paradise Temple(《西天寺》)
·The Past of Xu’S Duck(《徐记鸭往事》)
·Neither Proud nor Prejudiced(《并非傲慢,或有偏见》)byLuMin(鲁敏)
·Finding New Views on Unmentionable
Diseases:On the Fiction of Lu Min(《探取暗疾之景一鲁敏论》)byZhangLi(张莉)
Special Articles
·Lugu and Me:Two Comrades by Thomas Creamer
·“Don’t You Think I’m More Exhausted Than You?”by ShenLi(沈黎)
·As you cut and then file,as you carve and then polish,SO had he cultivated himself--Reminiscences of Lu Gusunby Zhao Cuilian(赵翠莲)
·“What Is Out of Sight Is Lost Forever?”-In Lieu of a Preface by Lu Gusun(陆谷孙)
Short Stories
by Liu Qing bang(刘庆邦)
·Shadow(《相生》)by Sun Pin(孙频)
·My Great-Uncle(《大姑姥爷》)
by Baoeqi Yuanye(鲍尔吉·原野)
·Nine Poems by Zhang Yangyang(张羊羊)
·My Opinion on Chinese Painting--Hope in Predicament by FanYang(范扬)
·Maturity Through Cultivation.Success Through Perseverance by Jinling(金玲)
·Epiphany and Chance:On Fan Yangby FanDi’an(范迪安)
Chinese Arts & Letters 2016