China's Electronics Information Industry Statistical Yearbook (Software Part) 2010

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1. "Statistical Yearbook of China's electronic information industry (software article) 2010" (hereinafter referred to as the Yearbook) is a comprehensive record of Chinese software industry in 2010 to run a comprehensive statistical data, a collection of all regions and related software development industry leaders, experts and scholars on the industry analysis of the development discourse, the system reflects the Chinese software industry in 2010, achievements, problems and trends. 2. "Overview" section: First, the 2010 China Software Industry Survey and Review; is the key software companies, software products, software industry investment and financing, software talent development overview and trend; three main provinces, municipalities and the software industry in 2010 Overview and development trends. 3. Statistical Yearbook of the scope of this: First registered in our country (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Excluded) is mainly engaged in software development, services and systems integration services, and main business income of 100 million yuan, an independent legal entity Software business (including software certification enterprises); second is registered in our country, the main business income of 500 million yuan, and software development, systems integration services and income, as well as the three main business revenue in the enterprise for more than 30% independent legal entities; third is registered in our country, is mainly engaged in IC design companies or integrated circuit design and testing of the main business income accounted for more than 60%, and the main business income of 100 million yuan independent legal entity. 4. The Yearbook of Statistics does not include Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. 5. The Yearbook has been the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) Industry and Information Technology departments, the enterprises, associations and subordinate units on the support, in this grateful.
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China's Electronics Information Industry Statistical Yearbook (Software Part) 2010