China Yearbook of Agricultural Price Survey 2022

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The content of this book mainly includes three parts: statistical chart, producer price index of agricultural products and market price of agricultural products. The producer price of agricultural products is the unit product price actually obtained by the producers of agricultural products when they directly sell their products. It is the basis and premise for the formation of agricultural product fair market prices, wholesale prices and consumer prices. The producer price survey of agricultural products adopts the method of random sampling to select the survey outlets and carry out the sample survey. A total of 20,000 agricultural production and management units were selected across the country, of which ordinary farmers accounted for 1/3, and agricultural production units and large production households accounted for 2/3. The survey covers four major categories of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, and 180 representative products. The price survey of agricultural product bazaars is a price survey of 31 kinds of agricultural products in 200 major agricultural product producing counties (cities) across the country, aiming to reflect the transaction prices and price trends of bulk agricultural products in the main agricultural product producing areas of my country. While focusing on collecting the price survey data of agricultural products in 2021, this book also compiles and distributes the price data of major agricultural products in the country in the main years since 2000.
China Yearbook of Agricultural Price Survey 2022