China Travel Manual

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Language: English
Format: 1 Book
Page: 217
Publication Date: 07/2001
ISBN: 750321841X / 978750321841X
Publisher: China Travel and Tourism Press
This book will acquaint the readers with tourism in China by offering a wealth of information about sightseeing, transportation, food, shopping, recreation, and much more.With adequate pictures and vivid description, it will at least give you some idea about what the beauty of China is all about and how hospitable the Chinese people are.
Table of Contents
China At Glance
Location &Area
Boundaries & Neighbours
Topography & Rivers
Time Zones
Natural Resources
Chronology Of Chinese History
The Ethnic Soene
Family Names
Administrative Division
Ghina Travel Essentials
Getting A Visa
Major Ports Of Entry
Olearing The Customs
Hygienic Quaranine
Fastfacts On Chinese Tourism
Across The Land
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China Travel Manual