China Through the Ages - from Confucius to Deng (Vol 1)

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This book is in two volumes: Volume I focuses on China's past, from the beginning of Chinese civilization to the 1911 Revolution, mainly reflecting the changes in the country, its population and territory, national features, philosophies, religions and ways of life, as well as its contributions to politics, economy and culture. Volume II focuses on contemporary China, from 1921 to 2008, mainly reflecting on China's independence, changing perspectives in foreign affairs, national unification especially the country's reform and opening-up and achievements related to its modernization.This book is for readers who wish to learn more about China, and introduces Chinese history by recounting distinctive stories of different ages.

About Author
Xie Chuntao was born in Linshu County, Shandong Province, in 1963. In 1982 he obtained a bachelor's degree in education from Shandong Normal University, and then a master's degree in law from Zhejiang University and doctorate in law from Beijing's Renmin University of China in 1988.
He has been teaching and doing research on the history of the Communist Party of China (CPC) at the Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC since 1988, and is now a professor and the Deputy Director of the Teaching and Research Department of CPC History.
As an executive council member and the Secretary General of the History Society of the CPC, he also serves as a guest professor and part-time researcher at many institutions of higher learning, including Tianjin's Nankai University. His major works include Turmoil of the Great Leap Forward and A Brief History of the 1959 Mount Lushan Meeting.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Prehistoric Legends and Mythologies
Chapter 2 Birth of the Chinese Civilization
Chapter 3 Formation of a Unified Country
Chapter 4 Merging of Chinese Nationalities
Chapter 5 Rise and Fall of the Dynasties
Chapter 6 Diversified Religions
Chapter 7 Dawn of Civilization
Chapter 8 Communication with Foreign Countries
Chapter 9 Door Opened by Cannons
Chapter 10 Awakening, Reform and Revolution
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of China Through the Ages - from Confucius to Deng (Vol 1) (ISBN:9787802285651)

Sample pages of China Through the Ages - from Confucius to Deng (Vol 1) (ISBN:9787802285651)

In recent years, China's reform and opening-up movement, as well as her rapid development, have increasingly drawn attention from foreign countries hoping for a deeper peek into what has always been a mysterious land for them. At the same time, China needs to reveal herself to the international community as much as possible, so as to integrate herself smoothly with the rest of the world.
However, rarely do we see books on China's evolution by local authors becoming popular with foreign readers, and there are even fewer widely-read books that cover Chinese history, culture, current situation and challenges. This is why I readily agreed when Mrs. Zhang Haiou, Deputy Chief Editor of New World Press, asked me to compile a book about Chinese history. I knew I would meet with many difficulties, but it would be worthwhile.
The idea for this book came from Mr. Lin Liangqi, former Deputy Chief Editor of China International Publishing Group. He has worked on media and cultural exchanges between China and the world, and is well experienced in this field. He proposed that the basic content of this book be centered on China in the past and present China. In his proposal, China's past would focus on the changes that have taken place in the country, her population and territory as well as her contributions to politics, economy and culture. Present China would mainly reflect China's independence, changing processes in foreign affairs, national unification-especially China's reform and opening-up-and the achievements related to her modernization. He also incorporated the suggestion of a senior journalist to name the book China Through the Ages-from Confucius to Deng, hoping to connect China's 5,000-year history with the two world-famous figures.
China Through the Ages - from Confucius to Deng (Vol 1)