China Statistical Yearbook for Regional Economy 2011

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First, the "China Statistical Yearbook -2011 regional economy" is a comprehensive, systematic reflection of China's regional economic and social development of large-scale statistical data book, book information from all levels of government statistics sample survey report or related information, the system collected 2010 National and nine economic zones, 31 provincial-level administrative units, more than 330 prefecture-level administrative units and more than 2,000 county-level administrative units of the major socio-economic statistical indicators. Mainly covers the natural conditions, population and employment, national accounts, fixed assets investment, fiscal, price, living, agriculture, industry, construction, transportation industry, domestic trade, foreign trade, tourism, finance, insurance, education, science and technology , culture, health, social welfare, environmental protection and urban construction in all aspects of social and economic development, the book does not include Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province of information. Second, use the symbol table book description: "said one of the major items; space that unknown, no data or insufficient data the smallest unit of measurement. Third, the book trade-offs related to processing of data generated by fractional error of no man for the adjustment.
China Statistical Yearbook for Regional Economy 2011