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The Selected Works of CASS: History and Archaeology: History of Shang Dynasty Vol 3 The Origin of Shang Tribe and Social Changes in Pre-Shang Period
ISBN: 9787500489276,7500489277 | Published on 11/2010 | Series: History of Shang Dynasty

Europe and the "Belt and Road Initiative": Response and Risks
ISBN: 7516194441, 9787516194447 | Published on 12/2016

A Course-Book On China Three Gorges Culture
ISBN: 9787500486534 | Published on 04/2010

Clothing Vocabulary in Dunhuang Literature 敦煌文献服饰词研究
ISBN: 9787516108246 | Published on 06/2012

The International Risk and Cooperative Space Expansion of the Belt and Road Initiative - The Example of Sri Lanka
ISBN: 9787520303828 | Published on 05/2017 | Series: A Series of OBOR by Silk Road Academy

Negotiating with Vague Language: A Chinese Perspective
ISBN: 9787516118993 | Published on 04/2013

A Comparative Study of Metaphors in English and Chinese Social Discourse: The Case of Political Speech
ISBN: 9787520322096 | Published on 03/2018

Yanchi's Targeted Measures for Poverty Relief and Its International Implication
ISBN: 9787520333733 | Published on 10/2018
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Yanchi county has strictly followed the Party Central Committee's major...

Study on the Novels Documents and Culture in Han Dynasty
ISBN: 9787516133408 | Published on 01/2014
Editor's Recommendation...

ISBN: 7516178411, 9787516178416 | Published on 10/2016

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