China Rural Statistical Yearbook 2014

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"China Rural Statistical Yearbook -2014" by 17 parts: I. Summary of development; second, synthesis and summary; Second, the basic situation of rural and agricultural production conditions; four, agro-ecology and environment; five rural households to invest; six, agriculture, forestry animal husbandry and fishery output, consumption and increase the value of the Q; seven major agricultural cultivation (farming) area and yield; eight, rural markets and prices; nine, import and export of agricultural products; ten, agricultural costs and benefits; XI, income and consumption; twelve, rural culture, education, health and social services; twelve, natural farm; XIV, regional rural economy; fifteen sort of major economic indicators in rural regions; sixteen, foreign key agricultural indicators; XVII how to use the "China Rural statistical Yearbook."
"China Rural Statistical Yearbook -2014» a collection of 2013 rural social and economic statistics of the key historical years after the founding of the nation's major statistics. National data in this yearbook involved do not include Taiwan Province and Hong Kong and Macao regions.
"China Rural Statistical Yearbook -2014», the implementation of the new National Economic Industry Classification Standard, since 2003, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, including agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery services.
"China Rural Statistical Yearbook -2014» part of the fourteenth information, including counties and county-level cities only partially, some of the information did not include municipal districts. Since the correction adjustment of administrative divisions and some units of data, historical data in different regions of the rural economy in this book are also adjusted accordingly.
"China Rural Statistical Yearbook -2014» sixteenth part of the data, because the international organization database has been adjusted, so some of the data in previous years also will do a correction, targets set are also adjusted. "China Rural Statistical Yearbook -2014» symbols. "..." Indicates lack of data in this table are the smallest unit; "space" indicates the lack or absence of such data, "#" indicates the items are not marked years of data
Data for the year.
In the editing process of the book, has been the State Council departments, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the strong support of the National Bureau of Statistics Survey Organization, on this I would like to thank the Italian.
China Rural Statistical Yearbook 2014