China on the Way

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Author: Liu Dongping; Zhai Shurong;
Language: Chinese-English
Format: Papercover
Page: 167
Publication Date: 12/2007
ISBN: 9787802003897
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
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With an introduction to the experiences and thoughts of ordinary Chinese people, this book provides you with a colorful panorama of present Chinese society from various perspectives. Through the book, you can see a vigorous and fast-developing China.
Table of Contents
第一篇 生活与时尚 Life&Fashion
胖——已不再是福 Being Fat—No Longer Bliss
吃面包还是吃馒头 Western Bread or Chinese One?
中国孩子“上班”忙 Chinese Kids—Busy Attending Classes All Day Long
城市人的心爱宠物 Pets Adored by City Dwellers
还想再买一辆车 I Want to Buy Another Car
中国人的住宅梦 The Dream of Chinese of Buying Their Own Houses
中国人的金钱观:从攒钱到投资 Chinese View on Money:from Saving to Investing
走出国门看世界 Seeing the World Abroad
网上购物新时尚 Shopping Online—A New Fashion
新年俗:手机短信拜年忙 New Year,New Custom—Greetings by Short Messages through Cell Phones
享受休闲 Enjoy Leisure
中国农民还离不开炕 Kang,Still Loved by Northern Farmers
中国人热衷寻家谱 Tracing Family Tree

第二篇 文化与符号Culture&Symbol
红红火火“中国红” The Flourishing“Chinese Red”
精美纷呈“中国结” Chinese Knot:Delicate in Varied Splendor
旗袍,恒久的东方魅力 Cheongsam:Everlasting Oriental Charm
“福”字倒,福运到 The Chinese Character“Fu”Pasted Upside Down Implies the Advent Of Good Fortune
中国人爱用模糊词 Puzzling Fuzzy Words
中国节有滋味,洋节也红火 Foreign Festivals—No Less Popular than Native Ones
中国人爱喝茶 Drinking Teas
中国人喝酒的艺术 The Chinese Art of Drinking Liquors
诚信,永恒的美德 Honesty and Trustworthiness—The Never-Lost,Excellent Tradition of China
国学“大餐”变“快餐” Public Craze for Ancient Classics
姚明——中国人的骄傲 Yao Ming—The Pride of Chinese

第三篇 社会与发展Society&Development
中国百姓期待“幸福指数” Chinese Commoners Are Expecting the“Happiness Index”
穷书生富书生 Chinese Intellectuals:No Longer Poor Scholars
大学毕业了,当村官去! Grads Turned Village Heads
挡不住的中国房价 Skyrocketing Housing Prices
中国女性更自信了 Chinese Women:Confident and Independent
中国富人趋向年轻化 TheYoung Rich
中西快餐斗法中国 Chinese and Western Fast Food Vie in China
驰骋在高速公路上 Driving on the Expressway
养儿不再为防老 Can We Raise Children Against Old Age
留住眼前的美景 Save the Beautiful Sceneries Before Your Eyes
China on the Way