China Iron and Steel Statistics 2013

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" China Iron and Steel Statistics 2013 " Editor's Notes version of " China Iron and Steel Statistics " is the beginning of 1994 , in accordance with the establishment of a socialist market economic system, new ideas, new requirements, editing and publishing a yearly comprehensive, systematic and accurately reflects China 's steel industry development and also introduced foreign iron and steel industry information tool manuals related information , focusing on disclosure of production, material flow , the latest annual statistics on market demand , technological advances , economic and other aspects of available government, business , research, design, etc. leaders, experts , managers and technical personnel at all levels of reference when making decisions and carrying out corresponding work .
" China Iron and Steel Statistics 2013 " Inherit the previous version 's style , including ten parts , namely :..... I. yield , ll supply and demand , raw dish , N. equipment , v technical and economic indicators , VI trade, investment return , VIII. labor , IX. financial , x. economy . In order to facilitate comparative analysis, all parts are incorporated into the relevant information and the world's major steel-producing regions of the country . Also China's major steel companies providing communications contact information in the appendix.

China Steel Industry Statistics Annual Report , " China Iron and Steel Statistics 2013 " relating to most mainland Chinese steel industry data from the China Iron and Steel Association statistical summary of the 2010 and previous years ; macroeconomic data obtained from statistical bulletin published by the National Bureau of Statistics and statistical Report ; Taiwan Province of China and the world's other major steel-producing countries and regions, and more from overseas related publications and information, collected by the Institute of metallurgical industry information Standards , edited and grateful !

National statistics , " China Iron and Steel Statistics 2013 " involved , in addition to land area, do not include Taiwan Province , Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region . Part of the total number or relative number of data calculation error due to rounding , the generated income , and data errors generated due to the different data sources , and are not adjusted .
China Iron and Steel Statistics 2013