China in Focus: Wisdom and Belief of the East Understanding the Chinese Values

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Chinese values are the result of the land's cultural evolution over the past several thousand years; they reflect the life, ideas, and cultural pursuits of the people of China and thus carry Chinese characteristics. This book seeks to uncover the historical sources and contemporary foundation of Chinese values. It provides a vivid account of the socialist core values that China upholds and demonstrates the unique spirit, values, and strength of the nation.

About Author
韩震(Han Zhen)is the director of the Academic Committee, director of the Philosophy and Development Strategy Research Center, and a professor in the School of Philosophy at Beijing Normal University. Previously, he served as vice president of Beijing Normal University as well as president and Party secretary of Beijing Foreign Studies University. He was recognized by the Beijing Municipality as one of the 100 Young Theoreticians of the New Century. He was also selected for the New Century Talent Program of the Ministry of Education, the New Century National Talent Project (in the very year the project was launched by the Ministry of Personnel and other government agencies), and the Program of Cultural Experts and Four Categories of Talent (initiated by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee).
Table of Contents
Preface Understanding the Contemporary Chinese Values

Chapter 1 Building a Prosperous, Democratic, Culturally Advanced and Harmonious Country
Prosperity: Dream and Glory of the Chinese People
Democracy: Keep Expanding People's Democracy
Civility: A Symbol of Social Progress
Harmony: Aspiration for a World of Great Harmony

Chapter 2 Building a Society of Freedom, Equality, Justice and with the Rule of Law
Freedom: A Common Pursuit of Man
Equality: The Cornerstone of Social Progress
Justice: The Sunshine and Rain of Life
Rule of Law: Enter a Modern Law-Based Society

Chapter 3 Cultivating the Civic Virtue of Patriotism, Dedication, Integrity and Friendliness
Patriotism: A Sacred, Natural Duty of the People
Dedication: Achieving the Extraordinary
Integrity: A Basic Virtue of Conduct
Friendliness: A Foundation for Interpersonal Relationships

Chapter 4 Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind
Toward a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind
Seeking Goodwill with Neighbors and Harmony with all Nations

Conclusion Rise of the Values for National Rejuvenation
China in Focus: Wisdom and Belief of the East Understanding the Chinese Values