China Energy & Electricity Outlook 2020

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Table of Contents
1 Energy and Electricity Development Scenarios in China
1.1 Scenarios
1.2 Major Sceruarlo Changes In This Year's Outlook
2 Prospects for Energy Development in China
2.1 End-use Energy Demand
2.2 Primary Energy Demand
2.3 Carbon Dloxide Emissions Irom Energy Consumption
2.4 Scenario Comparfson
2.5 Brief Summary
3 Prospects for Power System Development in China
3.1 Electricily Demand
3.2 Power Sources Development
3.3 Power Grid Development
3.4 Demand Response Development
3.5 Energy Storage Development
3.6 Analysis of Power Balance and Electricity Balance in Different Regions
3.7 Power System Costs and Carbon Emissions
3.8 Brlef Summary
4 Monographic Studies
4.1 Electricity Demand Saturation
4.2 Development Outlook for Integrated Energy Systems
4.3 High-quality Energy Development Evaluation
Appendix A Model Approach
A.1 Social and Economic Development Forecasts
A.2 End-use Energy Dermand Forecasts
A.3 Multi-regional Coordinated Power System Source-grid-load-storage Planning
A.4 Multi-regional Source-grid-load-storage Coordinated Power System Production Simulation
A.5 Primary Energy Demand Forecasts
A.6 Calculating Carbon Emissions from Energy Combustion
Appendix B Setting of Main Scenario Parameters
Appendix C Sectoral Adjustments
Appendix D Data Sources
China Energy & Electricity Outlook 2020