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The Developmengt and Outlook of Electrification Technology: Global Energy Interconneciton Development and Cooperation Organization
ISBN: 9787519859329 | Published on 09/2021
Electricity is the product of human's pursuit of light. The application of electric energy launched a new era of evolution in the human...

The Development and Outlook of Power Digitalization and Intellectualization Technology
ISBN: 9787519859398 | Published on 09/2021
This report is composed of 8 chapters. Chapter 1 analyzes and proposes the development objectives and positioning of DI power technologies from the...

Research and Outlook on South Asian Energy Interconnection
ISBN: 9787519857905 | Published on 08/2021

Research and Outlook on East Asian Energ Interconection
ISBN: 9787519858056 | Published on 08/2021

Research and Outlook on West Asian Energy Interconnection
ISBN: 9787519858544 | Published on 08/2021

Research and Outlook on Central Asian Energy Interconnection
ISBN: 9787519858087 | Published on 08/2021

ETI Integration - Energy Transportation Information Networks Integration
ISBN: 9787519852153 | Published on 01/2021
Sustainable development concerns the continued existence of humankind and its civilizations, and is the top priority facing the international...

Research on Global Renewable Energy Development and Investment
ISBN: 9787519850920 | Published on 11/2020

The Development and Outlook of UHV Transmission Technology
ISBN: 9787519850746 | Published on 10/2020
With the continuous consumption of fossil energy, increasingly severe climate change and worsening environment pollution, the human being has put...

Series Reports of Global Energy Interconnection Key Technology: The Development Roadmap of High Voltage and Large Capacity DC Submarine Cable Technology
ISBN: 9787519848828 | Published on 10/2020
Cross-sea power transmission has been an important method for offshore wind power development and cross-sea interconnection. More than 7000 km of...

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