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Concise English-Chinese Glossary of Electrical Technology
ISBN: 9787508347967 | Published on 12/2007

Design of Common Intelligent Elevator Integrated Drive Controller
ISBN: 9787519857233 | Published on 07/2021
This book describes the elevator control system composition and design principles, and gives an overall instruction about the installation,...

Dictionary of Landscape Architecture and Construction
ISBN: 9787508356112 | Published on 11/2009 | Reviews:

English - Chinese Dictionary of Electric Power
ISBN: 9787508363332 | Published on 02/2008

Research and Outlook on Northeast Asian Energy Interconnection
ISBN: 9787519847272 | Published on 07/2020
Northeast Asia is the most developed region in Asia with large energy demand, and plays an important role in the global economic...

Research and Outlook on Southeast Asian Energy Interconnection
ISBN: 9787519847333 | Published on 07/2020
As one of the most dynamic and potential areas of the world's economic development, Southeast Asia is rich in natural resources with a remarkable...

Research Report on Global Electricity-Carbon Market
ISBN: 9787519832186 | Published on 12/2019
This report studies the overall design, development priorities, development paths and benefits of the Global Electricity-Carbon Market (GE-CM). The...

Research and Outlook on Central Asian Energy Interconnection
ISBN: 9787519858087 | Published on 08/2021

Research and Outlook on East Asian Energ Interconection
ISBN: 9787519858056 | Published on 08/2021

Research and Outlook on South Asian Energy Interconnection
ISBN: 9787519857905 | Published on 08/2021

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