China Dairy Data Report 2016

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Holstein magazine and consulting editor of the Oriental Daryl "China's dairy industry statistics", has been published continuously for 15 years, is a comprehensive reflection of the basic conditions of the international and domestic dairy development of a comprehensive annual condensed statistics. "China Dairy Statistics 2016" content based on the actual needs of industry and enterprise, carried out some adjustment, including global dairy major part overview of the status of China's dairy industry in the global dairy industry, China's dairy industry overview, raw milk production, milk throughout industry, dairy processing, dairy consumption, dairy trade, international raw milk production, international quality and price of raw milk, dairy major international companies, international dairy production, international dairy trade, international dairy consumption, the main national dairy industry, domestic relevant economic indicators, etc., access more convenient. "China Dairy Statistics 2016" In addition to the main index data collection in 2014, but also included some historical information. The domestic part of the information and data, mainly from the central ministries, local authorities and dairy associations, Customs, market intermediaries, dairy enterprises. International Dairy data mainly from FAO, IDF, USDA, National Bureau of major dairy industry, customs and trade associations. - Taiwan Provincial Dairy data is based on relevant published information edited for reference only. Information and data scope is limited to 31 mainland provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, do not include Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Region.

Table of Contents
1-1 Global milk production, raw materials and distribution 2000-2014
1-2 Major national scale dairy farming 2011-2014
1-3 major countries cows yields 2011-2014
1-4 world's major countries of raw milk prices 2013-2015
1-5 global dairy trade 2000-2014
1-6 global dairy consumption 2000-2014
1-7 Global Dairy 20 countries 1995-2014
1-8 20 global dairy companies 2014
1-9 20 global dairy milk collection companies 2014
1-10 Global Dairy balance sheet 2010-2015
2-1 Chinese dairy industry's position in the world dairy industry 2000-2014
2-2 Chinese milk production compared with world production in 2000-2015
2-3 Chinese milk powder production, imports and exports 2000.2015
3-1 raw milk production 2000-2015
3-2 dairy processing 2000-2015
3-3 Dairy Imports & Exports 2000-2015
3-4 per capita consumption of dairy products 2000-2014
4-1 dairy herds and milk production
4-1-1 national dairy herds, raw milk output and yield situation 1949-2015
4-1-1 REGION 2000-2015 dairy herds
4-1-2 various regions of milk production 2000-2015
4-1-3 various regions of milk production 2000-2015
4-1-4 various regions of milk production of dairy herds milk yield 2015
Milk production in 10 provinces 4-1-5 before 2015
4-1-6 milk production before 10 provinces in 2015
4-1-7 dairy herds 10 provinces before 2015
4-1-8 milk yield more than 500,000 tons of prefecture-level city 2015
4-2 scale farming
4-2-1 nationwide scale cattle farms different number 2002-2014
4-2-2 2002-2014 national average size of dairy farms
4-2-3 National cows and the number of cattle farms of all sizes nationwide proportion of the total number of 2014
4-2-4 and various regions of the country's total farm households proportion 2012.2014
The number of cattle farms of different sizes 20144-2-5 REGION
Standardization demonstration dairy farm list 4-2-6 REGION 2015
4-3 production levels
(for reference only)
China Dairy Data Report 2016