China Cultura: Filosofia

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The “Chinese Culture” book series includes ten books on philosophical thoughts, literature, art, Chinese characters, festivals, foods and drinks, crafts, clothes, architecture and medicine. Each book introduces the history of a field or theme and the same origin of Chinese culture reflected by it, pursues its existence and manifestation in Chinese people’s life today, tells those “unknown stories” through smooth and relaxing words and exquisite pictures, reveals Chinese people’s thinking habits, behavioral modes, traditional concepts and social life, and helps readers understand “what Chinese people are like and what their thinking modes and living customs are.”This book introduces Chinese philosophy along the line of topics instead of the line of history. The book has five topics, including what is the nature of the world; what are the relationships among things; what are social norms; what is the orientation of life; what is the cognitive structure. The first two parts are about views on nature or the world; the third and fourth parts are about views on society and life; the fifth part is about views on cognition and wisdom. This book is intended to give readers the most basic understanding of profound Chinese philosophical thoughts as well as the most excellent and greatest wise ancient Chinese people and wisdom.

Editor's Recommendation

Chinese philosophy is extensive and profound. The advocacy of benevolence by Confucianism, which reflects a broad-minded, virtue-based attitude toward the world, is the most valuable quality of the Chinese nation-- – a sublime spirit that is now in the blood of the whole nation. The Taoist wisdom, which is as infinite as heaven and earth and as inexhaustible as rivers, provides a deep and undying source and eternal motivation for the survival and development of the Chinese nation. In fact, Chinese philosophy based on Confucianism and Taoism is among the most important and most precious cultural legacy of the whole humankind. The virtue and wisdom contained therein can be compared to those in any other great tradition of humanity. In order to present a relatively complete overview of Chinese philosophy and its issues, this book has adopted for its narrative a combination of ideas, concepts and categories with thoughts, theories and doctrines.

About Author

Wu Chun, alias Wu Jingdong, is a native of Quzhou, Zhejiang born in Shanghai in 1955. Now he is a professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Cross-culture, Shanghai Normal University, mainly studying the issue of the occurrence and paradigm of Chinese thought and philosophy and also engaging in the study of Chinese ancient science, ethics, religion and art. He has published more than 100 academic papers and more than ten works. His works on Chinese cultural studies have become a series, including Chinese Thinking Pattern – A Survey of the Occurrence and Formation Period (Shanghai People’s Publishing House, 1998), Paradigm of Ancient Chinese Science – Surveyed from the Perspective of Culture, Thought and Philosophy (Zhonghua Book Company, 2002), Ethical Life in the Chinese Society – A Study Focusing on the Issue of the Possibility of Confucian Ethics (Zhonghua Book Company, 2007),Religious Traditions in the Chinese Society – Opposition and Coexistence of Sorcery and Ethics (Shanghai SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2009) and The Origin of Chinese Philosophy –The History of the Occurrence, Development and Formation of Ideas, Concepts and Thoughts before the Period of the Hundred Schools of Thought (Shanghai People’s Publishing House, 2010).

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Sample pages of China Cultura: Filosofia (ISBN:7547312314, 9787508537405) Sample pages of China Cultura: Filosofia (ISBN:7547312314, 9787508537405) Sample pages of China Cultura: Filosofia (ISBN:7547312314, 9787508537405)
China Cultura: Filosofia