Chang Dechuan on Managing Chinese Enterprises

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Author: Chang Dechuan;
Language: English
Page: 295
Publication Date: 03/2012
ISBN: 9781616120375
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Recommended Jointly by Experts and Scholars.
The management mode of Port of Qingdao created by Mr. Chang Dechuan creatively practices the innovative management thought of "keeping the initiative in ourown hands, drawing upon the advantages of the others, and integrating and refiningsuch advantages to forge our unique strength". He makes significant contribution to Chinese-style management science.
  ——Chen Qingtai, former Party secretary and Deputy Director of Development Research Center of the State Council
Port of Qingdao as a state-owned enterprise and Mr. Chang Dechuan as a leader ofa state-owned enterprise give answer to two questions with practices, facts, data and even with internationalized judging criteria: one is that state-owned enterprises canoperate well, and the other is that state-owned enterprises can produce entrepreneurs.
  ——Hu Xinxin, Deputy Director of China Enterprise Confederation
What is shown in the book is the valuable experience that the Port of Qingdao has accumulated over the past twenty-plus years' development, and it is also asummarization of Mr. Chang Dechuan's thought and practice on management, which is a precious spiritual treasure. This book will become a good textbook and case in Peking University.
  ——Zhang Guoyou, Vice President of Peking University
About Author
Chang Dechuan, Chairman of the Board ofand President of Qingdao Port Group, is theVice President of World Eminent ChineseBusiness Association, academician of WorldAcademy of Productivity Science, ExecutiveVice Chairman of China EnterpriseConfederation and China Enterprise DirectorsAssociation, and Deputy to the 10th and 11thNational People's Congress. He is an expertreceiving special govemment allowance fromthe State Council and also a visiting professorof Shanghai MariUme University and DalianMaritime University. Having been at the helmof Port of Qingdao for nearly thirty years, he isreputed as "Godfather" in the managementcircle of Chinese ports.
He led Port of Qingdao to ascend to the rankof the world top 7 ports, led a new trend in theconstruction and development of world ports,and promoted China to build a convenient,safe, economic and efficient comprehensivetransport system. He created the best modelfor the internationalization of the Chinese portenterprises, joining hands with "seven partners from four countries" (A.P. Moller- Maersk of Denmark, DP WORLD of UAE, COSCO of China, China Merchants Group, Hong Kong Pan Asia International, SITC International Holdings and American President Lines) for the operation of the world's largest container terminal; he has also established a green-growth model, handling 6.9 percent of the China's total throughput with just 1.3 percent of the country's total quay length. Qingdao Port Group is titled the Superlative Enterprise in Energy Conservation and Environment Protection and one of the National Environmentally Friendly Enterprises.

Table of Contents
Chapter One Responsibility Is the Root of Enterprises
Running State-Owned Enterprises Means to Be Responsible for the Country
Acting as the "Eldest Son"
Identifying Yourself and Fulfilling Your Duties
Forging Ahead by Overcoming Hardships and Difficulties

Chapter Two Strategies Lead Development
Development Comes from Strategies
Vision Decides Strategies
Strategies Change with the Time

Chapter Three Development Counts
Development Creates Everything
Developing Regardless of Favorable or Unfavorable Conditions
Proceeding from Reality in All Work
Green Development Is the Trend

Chapter Management Has Law While the Way Is Not Fixed
One Belief, One Voice And One Drive
Improving Management by Focusing on the Grassroots
Strictness Is Indispensable, While Kindness Is More Important
Safe Management Does Not Allow For "Never Do It Again"

Chapter Five Talent Is the Most Important Capital
People Are the Key to Success
Enterprises Shall Improve the Quality of Employees As Their Conscience Leads
On-Post Training Provides Opportunity to Success
Creating Tailor-Made Channels for Employees' Career Development
Chapter Six Continued Innovation Makes Enterprises Thrive
Chapter Seven Conduxt Determines Success or Failure
Chapter Eight Reputation of Integrity
Chapter Nine Realizing Long-Term Prosperiy through Corporate Culture
Chapter Ten Existng Together and Growing Together
Chang Dechuan on Managing Chinese Enterprises